The Secret Trick to Mental Transmutation Revealed

Are you interested in transforming your mind at will? The art of mental transmutation may be able to help.

How Can Mental Transmutation Help Me?

Do you want more energy? Do you want success regardless of circumstance?

Today’s schools focus on physical science and rarely mention emotional intelligence. Can we change from one mental state to another as easily as we can boil water?

The Art of Mental Transmutation

“Mind may be transmuted from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. Transmutation is a mental art.” -Kemetic Principle

The Kybalion

Mental Transmutation Principle of Vibration

Water has the same elemental makeup whether it is liquid, solid, or gas. The only thing that changes is the energy level.

Let’s apply this same concept to failure and success.

How can we change our struggle into success? We can view our struggle as an obstacle or an opportunity. One is like turning up the heat, whilst the other is like jumping into a freezer.

If we focus on the obstacle we will meet more obstacles. If we focus on the opportunity we will meet more opportunity. Hence, a struggle is a degree of success.

The weightlifter understands that increased resistance means increased results. The struggle is a degree of success. The mindset to perceive opportunity makes it so.

On the last rep, you can imagine the coach saying “You got it, almost there.” “Almost there” is said to project opportunity. Imagine if the coach repeated, “it’s too heavy… it’s too heavy”. If we allow our mind to perceive this obstacle, the weight would seem heavier.

Our ability to change our state of mind and existence relies on our ability to focus on what we want versus what we do not want.

Mental Transmutation Quotes

“Thoughts become things.” – The Secret

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, concentrate on the opposite vibration to the one to be suppressed.” -Kemetic

“The human mind responds to stimuli through which it may be ‘keyed up’  to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc.” -Napoleon Hill

mental transmutation

Exercises for Mental Transmutation

Below is a six-step exercise that you can do to transform your mind into a positive and peaceful state:

Step One: Attention

What area in your life is causing you problems or emotional pain? Think about something that you want to cut immediately. This may be your fears or limiting beliefs in your abilities. It may be a toxic relationship, your job, living situation or health.

Step Two: Know Your Feeling

Become aware of exactly how that problem makes you feel. Discover and find the exact feeling and put a name to it. Be specific. For example, fear should be distinguished from worry or hesitation.

Step Three: Feel Your Feeling

Bring that feeling to the front of your mind. Live in that feeling as if it is currently happening to you. Feel the feeling until you cannot take the thought any longer. If you need to, imagine this problematic feeling staying with you every day for the next ten years.

Step Four: Separate Your Feeling From You

In this step, you will realize that your feeling is not really you. You will then begin to approach the point where you can let go of this negative feeling.

Step Five: Let Go

Simply release the negative feeling. Let yourself know that you are willing to let go. When this is done you will immediately begin to relax. You may even begin to have very positive and peaceful thoughts at this point.

Step Six: Repeat

If you feel that there is more that you need to release then simply repeat this process.

After some practice using this technique it will begin to work on autopilot. When this happens, simply becoming aware of the feeling will trigger an automatic release.



 Mental Transmutation BooksThe Kybalion

We recommend two books on this subject.

The Kybalion outlines ancient principles on the subject of transforming your state of mind.

The Secret reveals how you can begin changing your current thought patterns to reach the life of your dreams.

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