Client Prospecting on Facebook Made Easy

How would you like to have an unlimited amount of free leads? What if you were able to teach your team a simple strategy to get leads daily?

The key to infinite leads is providing consistent value and getting people t engage with your content. By providing value you are branding yourself as helpful authority to attract your ideal client or prospect. Let people know exactly why you turned to utilizing the power of the internet to explode your business.

Some most engaging post that I made hit emotional strings. It is important to let people know why you are mad in a positive way. One goal of generating valuable content is to compel people to reach out to you.

Client Prospectingclient prospecting

The key is to be specific about who you are talking to. What do you help them with?

I started creating consistent value when I set a specific time to do a Facebook Live show. This triggered in my mind that what I was doing was bigger than me. After a few weeks of doing valuable lives consistently no matter what the engagement, I found that people were tuning in. Your value will help to make your consumer know like and trust you prior to even speaking with you.

It is important to be vulnerable and honest. The more honest you are the more people will respect what you are doing.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. The moment when you start to be yourself people will respect and trust you. Authenticity builds automatic rapport.

You may not realize it but you have future teammates now on your Facebook friends list. Reach out to 10 Facebook people who you have not reached out to that are already on your Facebook Friends list.

Your first message can be as follows:

“Hey ___, I have to apologize for not reaching out to you beforehand. You’ve been on my Facebook for X amount of time and we’ve never actually connected. One of my goals id to get to actually know more of my FB friends. You’ve got great energy, what is it that you do exactly?”

When meeting new people online. Look at their profile and pre-qualify them. Be sure the potential prospect is positive, responsible, and has a professional looking profile.

After you look at their profile write a message to connect with them based on something you have in common with them. The key is not to resort to flattery but to make a genuine connection.

There are really four steps you are looking to take your prospect through if you believe what you have to offer will benefit them.

  1. Initial Message
  2. Building Rapport
  3. Identify a problem
  4. Offer Help

You want to make yourself out to be somewhat of an expert. Ask questions to get the conversation going. Bring up your business casually in conversation. Have content created to make yourself look credible and build a rapport. Many people miss the step of identifying a problem before taking about their opportunity. The only time to talk about having another person join your opportunity is after you have identified a problem. People tell problems to their friends. After the problem is identified it is then natural to offer a solution.

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