Earn Income Online With This Proven Formula

Have you ever wondered what to focus your time, energy, and money on to have massive success in your business? Want to have clarity and confidence in the critical elements of building a successful online income?

In this blog post, we will show a proven method to generating long-term online income. There are 5 proven steps to becoming an online guru and having long-term financial success using the internet.

make-income-onlineMake Income Online

First, you may have to shift your thinking from being a business opportunity seeker to the thinking like an entrepreneur.

The business opportunity seeker lacks a plan, seeks quick fixes, wants instant results, fears investing, wishes everything was easier, tries everything, and is constantly starting and stopping.

An entrepreneur is strategic, implements their plan, provides answers, has a long-term vision and focus, understands an investment, works at becoming better, has the discipline to say no, and will stay the course towards their goals.

Earn Online Income With Long-Term Vision

The choice is yours, you can chase money or have a long-term vision to create a real online business where the money will chase you.

The biggest mistake that online marketers are making is that they focus solely on making sales. Stop focusing on making sales and focus on building relationships. There are three critical steps to an effective online marketing strategy. Build your audience. Engage with your audience. Only after those first two-step you can then sell to your audience. These steps must be done in this order.

How does your business measure up to the online gurus? Answer the following questions.

  • Do you have a business and marketing plan for the next 6 to 12 months?earn-online-income
  • Are you creating and sharing content at least 2-3 times per week consistently?
  • Are you adding a minimum of 10 – 20 leads per day to your email list?
  • Consistently acquiring new customers with your lead offer?
  • Are you offering a tiered product mix with a variety of offers to multiply your profits?

Earn Income Online

The 5 core elements to creating long-term income online are content, lead generation, follow-up and engagement, monetization, traffic.

1. Content

Content is about sharing value. There are a few critical types of content. Written content includes blog posts and articles. Video content which includes Facebook lives, YouTube videos, and screen shares. Social media content includes posts on your timeline that share value. Audio content like a podcast. Hosting seminars and webinars. Creating and sharing valuable content is how you will build your following.

Content is used throughout the sales process. Content is used to attract website visitors, generate leads, convert to sales,  and up-sell to existing customers. Be strategic with your content. Your content should support and enhance your online presence and brand. You content should be the piece that ties all of your marketing together.

2. Lead Generation

Your email list is your most valuable business asset. The most engaged audience is your email list. The most important aspect of lead generation is your offer. A lead magnet is a free giveaway that offers value in exchange for an email address. Your offer has to be so compelling that the person puts their best email address. You will need a free giveaway, a lead capture page or form, and an email autoresponder to complete this step.

3. Effective Follow Up

Effective follow-up and engagement is more than just a simple email autoresponder sequence. Use ongoing consistent email broadcast and engagement. Utilize a customer relationship manager. Host your own webinars.

4. Monetization

There are three elements to an effective monetization strategy resulting in increased revenue and an increased number of customers. The first is a low-cost front end offer, low barrier to entry, variety of offers. The second element is to increase the revenue into your business is to increase the number of transactions. Upsells, events, training, tools, services, coaching, masterminds, one-time purchase for monthly subscriptions. The third element is to increase the value of customer transaction. Have a variety of products with a range of price points.

5. Traffic

Traffic is the last piece of the puzzle, There are no traffic problems only offer problems. After you have done the first four elements, think about getting traffic to your content.

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