How to Create a Powerful Lead Magnet

Have you ever wondered how to make an offer your customer can’t refuse?

The most successful online businesses create an offer that is so compelling that their customers can’t refuse. Your offer or product should be so compelling and offer so much value that it should seem like a no-brainer to either opt in or buy.

Furthermore, it’s always a great gesture to give people a free offer just for visiting your website.

Key Components to Creating Your Lead Magnet

There are 7 key components to creating a compelling and powerful lead magnet.


  1. Be Clear. Say exactly what is in the offer. There should be no confusion about what your offer is and does. If there is any confusion the prospect will be unlikely to buy or opt in.
  2. Give value. Your offer must be of great value. The key is to help your prospects with a specific problem. The customer must see the offer as valuable. Always think in terms of what the customer wants not what you want.
  3. Offer a discount. Offering a sale or a discount gives you customer further incentive to buy. Sometimes this may be a risk-free trial period or giving the first module in a series for free and offering the others at a discount. Or you can give your customers something extra that they won’t be able to get at regular price.
  4. Clarify you offer. Give people a clear explanation for your offer. People will be skeptical if you fail to explain the reason for your offer. If there is no explanation expect resistance, skepticism, and suspicion in the minds of you customers.
  5. Require quick action. Assume that the person visiting your website will not come back to your page. Tell them where to click.
  6. Call to action. Give your customers clear what to do directions. Tell your customers exactly what to do.
  7. Offer a guarantee. The most common form of this is a guarantee is a money back guarantee.


Become A List Builder Not A Perfectionist

It is common to fear what other people will say. This is your social self-esteem on the line. If trying to make everything perfect is preventing you from taking massive action it’s not your fault. People, even if they are well-meaning, may criticize what you are are doing from a place of ignorance. They see what you are doing but may not understand the ins and outs of business or marketing. The truth is that it is best to take imperfect action. If something is good enough then it’s good enough. Version 1.0 is always better than version 0.0. Also, let’s think about your audience they are depending on you to give them value. It is actually selfish not to give them the value that they seek especially if you ever expect them to do business with you.

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