7 Ways to Build A New Lasting Relationship On Facebook

Have you ever wondered a simple way to build a lasting relationship on Facebook?In this blog post, you will learn 7 ways to build new lasting relationships on Facebook.

7 Ways to Build A New Lasting Relationship On Facebook

1. Make Connections

Facebook is a great place to connect with people because it is where people are hanging out. If you generate a lead online, copy and paste their email into facebook and connect with them there. When you meet new people in person add them as a friend on Facebook. Building a relationship on Facebook allows you to take interest in what other people are doing. Taking a genuine interest in another person’s success is they key to building rapport and strong relationships.

Take a look at the prospects timeline. Make an initial connection based on something that you have in common. Send the prospect a message asking if it is ok to connect.

2. Interact, Engage, and Communicatemarketing mindset

Be sure to interact, engage and communicate with anyone who likes comments and shares your content. These people like something about what you are doing and it is your job to show genuine gratitude.

3. Birthday Messages

When it is someone’s birthday send the person a private message instead of posting on their wall. If you really know the person send the person a private video message. Simply tell the person happy birthday, mention their name, and tell them to have a great day.


4. Existing Facebook Friends

Spark up new conversations with existing friends on Facebook. Go into your friend’s list and take a look at the person’s profile. If they are someone that you want to connect with, send them a private message. If you do not want to connect with this person.

New Relationships On Facebook

5. Friend Request

Start conversations with people who send you a friend request. I never simply confirm a friend request. When someone sends you a friend request takes a look at their wall and if they are someone that you would like to connect with sending them a private message. The message should let the person know that you saw their request and that you would love to connect.

6. Facebook Livefacebook-computer-3

Become consistent using facebook live. Facebook is favoring live video. Facebook lives can help you to deliver valuable content to your target audience in a consistent way. One of the best things I did to help me with becoming more consistent was creating weekly Facebook Live Show. I was able to deliver valuable content 5 times a week consistently helping me to build a following and rapport.

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7. Create List

Create lists to manage and nurture relationships daily. Organize your list into categories that describe the type of relationship that you have with that person. When you click on the list.

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