How To Use A MLM Blog To Brand Yourself

Do you feel like you may have completely burnt out your warm market? I understand exactly how you feel and trust me its is frustrating. In truth, I searched earnestly for a way to build my business without speaking to family or friends who wanted nothing to do with my business. I was simply frustrated and worn out by all the people who I was close to dodging my calls like the matrix.

That is when I found a proven system that allowed me to warm a cold market and go from being virtually unknown to an authority online. The cornerstone of this system is my blog.

Use A MLM Blog To Brand Yourself

The truth is without an MLM blog, you will spend a lot of time doing awkward prospecting like inviting strangers into your home for home parties, attending weekly hotel meetings where the people who you invite may or may not show up, or going to the mall to and speaking to every person that glances your way. I was there and frustrated. In this blog post, I will lay out the benefits of having an mlm blog. MLM Blog

Blogging Builds Your Brand

Your MLM blog will help you to brand yourself. When you brand yourself and not your company you become the authority. People will do business with someone who they know, like, and trust.

When you brand yourself with a personal blog it will set you apart from everyone else in your niche by giving you authority and credibility.

Your MLM blog will give your prospects reason to join you versus anyone else.

Credibility and Authority

Blogging not only allows you to become a leader and authority in your niche but it also gives you credibility. When you promote your own personal blog you become the expert. Your blog is easily distinguishable from a company’s replicated site which will do little to tell your prospect why they should do business with you versus anyone else.

When you become a person of influence online, and commit to consistently sharing value with people they will see you as the teacher and specialist. Exactly, how this is done is explained in Ray Higdon’s course the 3-Minute Expert.Brand Yourself

You Own Your Blog

Your blog is the one thing that you own online. Your social media platforms are not controlled directly by you and can be shut down at any point. This is why no matter what social media platforms you choose to help you to promote what you are doing all roads should lead back to your blog. Your MLM blog becomes a central hub where you will have several call to actions that will allow visitors to learn more about what you do and how you can help them.

When you have a self-hosted MLM blog, like the one you get with your 30-day test drive of My Lead System Pro, you own it, you control it and can sell whatever you like with it.

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