5 Cool Facebook MLM Prospecting Tips You Need To Know To Succeed

Want to learn Facebook mlm prospecting tips and tricks for your home based business? How would you like it if you could attract your ideal customer and client on autopilot?

In today’s blog post will share 5 mlm prospecting tips you will absolutely need to succeed.

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Why You Should Use Facebook for MLM Prospecting?

There are over 1.5 billion users on Facebook.

MLM prospecting on Facebook allow you to meet people who have similar interest and socialize with them.

It is unfortunate that some of network marketers use mlm prospecting in the wrong way.

What they think is effective marketing and prospecting is actually spamming people with their link in their inbox. This

This approach will make you look unprofessional and will harm your brand and reputation.

Following these MLM Prospecting Tips WILL help you succeed in business.

5 Cool Facebook MLM Prospecting Tips You Need To Know To Succeed

Facebook It Not An ATM

People do not come on Facebook to do business or to buy. People come on Facebook to socialize and be nosey.

Think of Facebook as a warm market generator. Facebook is a place where you meet people and get to know them. Eventually, you will be able to get the person on the phone and offer a solution if they share a problem with you.

Meet People and Then Get Their Digits

Whenever you connect with people on Facebook it is important to you build rapport with them and get them on a phone call. Talking to someone on the phone is more personal and will lead to a more personal interaction.

By speaking to someone on the phone you will be seen as more of a professional. On the phone you can also ensure that your prospect is not distracted.

Share Value and Raise Curiosity

If you would like more people to reach out to you it is important to create curiosity. By creating curiosity you are going to be able to make people interested in what you are doing. This is done by asking questions, showing a lifestyle picture, or posting about the benefits of a product or service without saying its name.

Become a person of value by sharing valuable content that will uplift and encourage others. You content may be motivation and informative but it should always be done in a positive way. If you are negative you will attract negative people.

Engage With Anyone Who Interacts With Your Content

A good marketer will get into the inbox of anyone who likes comments or shares their content.

You can simple say something like, thanks for liking my post on x, I appreciate. What inspired you most about this quote?

When you have started a conversation build rapport until you can identify a problem.

Make People Feel Special

Make people feel special by sending them a video or a voice message on their birthday. This will help you to stand out from the other people who simply write on that person’s wall.

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