7 MLM Prospecting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Is your marketing strategy damaging your brand and business? MLM prospecting on Facebook can be tricky. People generally come on Facebook to socialize and be nosey. It is important to keep this in mind prospecting on Facebook.mlm prospecting

I remember making many marketing mistakes early on when I started MLM prospecting on Facebook. In today’s blog post, I will share the top 7 mistakes you may be making while prospecting on Facebook.

7 Things to Stop Doing When MLM Prospecting on Facebook

Below you will find 7 actions you want to stop doing to avoid looking like a spammer on Facebook. It is important to realize that spamming will not help you to stand out from the crowd nor will it get you the results that you desire in your business.

  1. Don’t go on Facebook and message random people (or friends and family) your link to join your opportunity or to buy your products. This will make you seem desperate. Remember you are seeing whether the person is qualified to work with you. It is equally important to come from a place of service.
  2. Don’t tag people who have nothing to do with your company, product, or post in the hopes of getting more enjoyment. Instead, allow increased engagement or lack of engagement help you to grow in your marketing and understand what works and what does not work.
  3. Don’t just add people randomly to groups that you create especially if they have to do with promoting a particular company. It is important to allow people to make a decision rather that forcing one on them. Be sure to ask someone if they would be open to joining a particular group. Be very clear on how joining that group will benefit them.mlm prospecting
  4. Don’t only post links about your opportunity in Facebook groups. It is important to become a person of value. Imagine the difference if you offer someone
  5. Don’t just share your opportunity or service without asking for permission. The easiest way to ask for permission is to say, “I think I have something that may help let me know if You are open to taking a look.”
  6. Don’t drop your link on someone else’s status update.
  7. Don’t get caught up thinking about what you want. Instead, come from a place of service and think about what the other person’s wants and needs are. Get to know people and be social. Remember people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

In the past, I made many of these MLM prospecting mistakes. Eventually, I found a better way that actually helped me to get the results I desired.

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