“Facebook Group Marketing” Basics

In this article, we discuss how to use Facebook group to market your business. The Facebook group marketing tool is a popular way to get your company out there. With tons of  Facebook groups to choose from for any niche. If you are an entrepreneur you’re going to want to follow Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

Here are some examples of Facebook groups for business pages to consider joining.

  • Work From Home Jobs
  • Make Money Online
  • MLM Online Business
  • Internet Marketing – Self Employed
  • Internet Network Affiliate Marketing Freedom Syndicate


You can find these groups simply by typing in keywords like ” work from home jobs”, online MLM,

"Facebook Group Marketing"

I recommend that you join as many as possible!!


The Do’s and Don’t Do’s In the  Facebook Groups for Business Pages.

Many people spam in these types of groups. Normally the entrepreneurs that spam did not get the proper training on how to promote their business.But if you’re reading this article you are about to discover the correct way to post in these Facebook groups!
Before I tell you what you should do I want to tell you what you shouldn’t do,  when it comes to Facebook group marketing.



Don’t make a post in the Facebook group telling people to join your business with your link at the bottom or somewhere in the middle. You should not at any point give your link out to the public or to people you’ve never talk.


Because it doesn’t have any exclusively.  You want to look at your company as a valuable opportunity to be a part of. If your links valuable you’re not going to be so willing to give it to everybody and anybody. It also makes you look desperate

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

"Facebook Group Marketing""Facebook Group Marketing"


Notice how they have links in the posts? Stay away from that kind of posting technique.


When you post on Facebook groups for business pages here’s what you need to do!

Post things of value.
For Example: If you are in a financial Group post tips and tricks like, “3 Tips on how to make $100 online” or “2 Tips on how to save $50.”

Once you give the advice have a call to action at the end of the post. Your call to action can be something like “If you want all 10 tips then send me a message.”

If you do that instead of spamming your links everywhere people are going to view you as more valuable.

You’re going to be able to build a stronger report with people who decide to inbox you.

They’re going to view you as a person of value that wants to help people and as a result you’re going to be able to have a higher influence.


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Those are my Facebook Group Marketing Basics.

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