How to “Follow Up With Prospects” For Follow Up Sales

Following up with your prospects is highly important. Follow-up is one of those tasks that is overlooked by many entrepreneurs. Have you ever heard the saying, “The Money Is In The List.” Well it’s a fact because study shows that it takes somebody 5 to 12 times of exposure to come to a buying decision. Why do you think the same commercials get played over and over.

The more exposure your audience has to your offer the more likely they will be either interested in it or want to buy. If you are not following up with your prospects you are leaving money on the table for your competition. With that being said I’m going to discuss three ways to effectively follow-up with your prospects.


  1. Follow up through email.“Follow Up With Prospects"

    Once you capture their email on your capture page they are put on your list. Your list is designed to install an
    autoresponder and begin to follow-up with your leads through email.

    You want to send  them emails with valuable content. That could be more training, video content, webinars, offers, or discount sells. It needs to be a link to something valuable that’s going to help your audience.

    How often should you email your list?

    I can’t really give you a set number but what I can say is you want to email your list about three to five times a week. It really depends on your audience and your targeted niche.You’ll just have to judge by testing out different ways.

    Email follow-up is strongly recommended!  Remember THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!



  2. Get on the phone with your leads.

    Many people dread getting on the phone with their leads. Many people don’t know follow-up sales call script or when to call their leads.

    Once you get on the phone and you start to have  an interaction you want to find what their struggles are and if you have any solutions to offer to them. One good thing to keep in mind is they are more than leads they are people. They are people who need to hear what it is that you have to offer.

    Phone calls are highly important!


  3. Interact with them through your content.

If you’re posting content and somebody comments or engages you want to interact with them. Which ever platform you use to post content, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Talk to them and get to know them. It’s another way to have an interaction with your audience. You want to let them know that you’re
there and that you are a real person doing business.

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