GDI Scam Review – Global Domains International Reviews

Are you doing your due diligence to find out if Global Domains International is a GDI scam or a legit opportunity?

Can you make a substantial residual income promoting the GDI program?


Global Domains International (GDI) was founded in 2000 to offer .WS domain names and web site hosting for $10 a month.

Domains and hosting registrations are promoted by Global Domains International distributors who receive a regular commission on personal sales.

GDI is similar to other hosting/ domain companies with one acceptation.  Many other hosting companies traditionally offer “.com”, “.net” or “.org” websites, Global Domains International decided to sell only “.ws.” domains.

This company reminds me alot of Penny Matrix and Legal Shield for its unique product.

GDI Compensation Plangdi-scam

GDI offers a 5 level MLM compensation plan that allows its members to earn an affiliate commission from sales and personally enrolled reps.

GDI has been around since 2000 and has proven track record. If it were not a legit organization the FTC would have shut it down at its inception. In fact, Global Domains International is one of the most prevalent and recognized MLM business opportunities online today.

So far GDI sounds legit and profitable. However, I will tell you the secret that some GDI distributors may not tell you…

The truth is that without the proper internet marketing skill set and training the chances of making a significant income promoting .ws domains and hosting are low.

So here is the question…

Is Global Domains International a GDI Scam?

I will start this by saying that GDI has been around since 2000 and if it was indeed a scam the FTC would not have hesitated to shut it down.

Now with that said after doing some research I found three reasons why some scream GDI scam.

The first reason why some call GDI a scam is because of the compensations plan. Most people who join an MLM are looking to supplement if not replace their current income. This means that on average people are looking to make an extra $300 or more per month after joining an MLM opportunity.

An extra $300 a month could help pay off debt, help to pay for daycare, or help with mortgage or rent.

This issue is that GDI only pays $1 per sale.

In other words, you would need to personally make 300 sales in order to reach that $300 per month. With such a competitive market this becomes a very difficult task.

To give you an example of just how competitive this market is, one domain/hosting company Godaddy sells .com and .org domains for $10 a year and hosting for $4.95 a month.

The second reason why people may say that GDI is a scam is because with such a low paying compensation plan there is little to no budget for paid advertising and promotion.

This means that growing your GDI business will require being able to generate massive amounts of organic traffic to your opportunity which takes time and expertise.

Finally, to build a profitable business with the GDI compensation plan you will have to sign up a massive number of effective distributors.

Which is absolutely awesome if you are able to do so…

However, by having an earning potential of only one dollar per month and little to no advertising budget… the challenges of making a profitable business with GDI are obvious.

Overall given the competitive nature of the domain/hosting niche GDI seems to be on the expensive end of the spectrum with low earnings potential.

Success in a challenging and competitive industry like network marketing requires the proper skillset. If you plan on utilizing the power to the internet to build your business your will need the proper tools. In any profession proper training is necessary for any noteworthy success. This same rule applies to network marketing!

Sounds difficult…

network marketing company reviews

My #1 Recommendation

There is good news. What if you could have all the tools and training necessary to assist you with building a profitable network marketing business all under one roof?

You can have all the training and tools necessary for lead generation, recruiting, and closing sales with My Lead System Pro.

If you are in Global Domains International, share your experience below. Feel free to grab my FREE 5 steps to network success.

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Network Marketing Affiliate Program For The MLM Affiliate

Are you interested in earning substantial income with a Network Marketing Affiliate Program?

It is no secret that affiliate marketing is a profitable way to earn money online. The great thing about creating affiliate marketing website is that you get paid for your own individual efforts.


You may be familiar with the general internet marketing affiliate model. If you are a network marketer you may be less familiar with how you can utilize the power of a blog to leverage your current product or opportunity.

A MLM affiliate focuses on promoting network marketing affiliate programs that offer some type of monthly residual income per sale. They focus on promoting subscription based programs, autoresponder services, web site hosting, mlm leads and complete mlm affiliate programs like My Lead System Pro.

An MlM Affiliate program allows you to build a large niche authority site for the the mlm affiliate niche. The benefit of such a program is that if implemented effectively it will serve to create a consistently growing steady steam mlm affiliate residual income as for the majority of the product that you will promote have a subscription based (passive income) component to them.

This model allows you to start off each month with guaranteed cashflow coming off of previously made sales. You can truly make a resilient residual income that will grow continuously and avoid the entrepreneurial rat race. You will no longer have to start off each month hoping to make sales as you will begin receiving automated payments.

I actually prefer the affiliate marketing mlm model because you receive the exact same benefit of building a traditional network marketing business but without the laborious managing and maintenance necessary for creating a full-scale network marketing team.


According to the Direct Marketing Association, there are over 76 million people involved in the network marketing industry worldwide at any time with an estimated 140,000 new people JOINING the industry every week!

The “mlm affiliate” market is exceptionally profitable and constantly growing. People who are interested in marketing are ready-to-buy products and services that are necessary and will help them to build and expand their business. They a constantly comparing new products and searching for the best option

One of the most important components to building a profitable mlm affiliate marketing business is list building. List building is extremely important because the second sale from a satisfied customer is infinitely easier to make the initial sale.

This model allows you to build a list of targeted prospects and ideal customers. In addition, building a profitable affiliate website opens up the opportunity to create a personal brand that will establish you as an authority within the industry.

network marketing affiliate program

Network Marketing Affiliate Program FALSE STARTS

Many who embark on the journey to start an online income have a period of time where they struggle to make money, wonder if what they are doing is working or not, and reach points of confusion as they embark on a new endeavor.

One of the best secrets for affiliate marketing is to embrace the idea of modeling what others who have the result that you want are doing.

Essentially, there is no reason to rebuild the wheel when there is a proven blueprint that simple works.

Discover exactly what the person is doing that has what you want and do that exact same thing.

After looking at the leaderboards for the top mlm affiliate earners I found some commonalities amongst all of them.

What I found was that instead of focusing solely on educational affiliate products like books and information top earners were promoting Tools to help others to build their business.

So I began to research the top mlm affiliate product lines. Looking specifically for a program that offered mlm leads, mlm lead generation systems, autoresponders, splash pages, hosting and various funded proposals.

#1 Network Marketing Affiliate Program

I am forever grateful that I ran across a network marketing affiliate program specifically geared towards struggling network marketers. This program offers the tools to help networkers with lead generation, increase sales and produce multiple streams of income, develop a personal brand that establishes you as an authority in your niche, and a proven platform to promote your primary network marketing opportunity.

I took a risk and signed up for My Lead System Pro. This was a proven system that has been around since 2008. I initially came in at the 10 day $10 trial level. This was one of the best decisions I have made. After following the step-by-step attraction marketing program I have so far been able to reach what the company calls “Level 2 Leadership” which mean significant residual income.

network marketing company reviews

In the past six months of focusing on this ONE mlm affiliate program I have been able to…

  • Add over 1,800 targeted contacts (emails and phone numbers) to my list
  • Made thousands in affiliate commissions
  • A significant increase in my monthly RESIDUAL CHECK
  • I have been able to meet and sign up new team leaders

In summary…

If you are interested in using affiliate marketing to create a significant residual income, consider becoming an mlm affiliate. As an MLM affiliate you will be able to tap into a huge market with a profitable income potential. All the products, tools and training you’ll be offering have a nice residual income component to it. In addition you will be building a list of business owners, salespeople and professionals. You will essentially be building out your own private network of targeted leads.

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Spin Rewriter Review – Article Writing Software 8.0 Discount Included

Are you looking for an authentic Spin Rewriter Review?

After the recent release of the article writing software Spin Rewriter 8.0 authentic reviews can be hard to come by. This is an authentic review from someone who has used the product as well as other article marketing software on the market.

Great marketers know that they need to create valuable content quickly on a consistent basis. Many choose to use article marketing software to assist with content creation.

Finding a tool that can effectively spin articles, posts or content can be tough. By creating valuable content the internet marketer is able to quickly establish themselves as an authority in their niche.

There are a number of automated writing software companies that all promise to automatically spin content. Google essentially made changes to put quality at the center, and businesses suffered.

With Google clear about their expectations and preference for high-quality content the problem for the online entrepreneur is the time-consuming nature of creating content that will rank on search engines.

While you can have others write content for you it is often difficult to find a good writer.

Spin Rewriter 8.0 – Why Use Article Writing Software?

With Affiliate Marketing especially as a mlm affiliate there is no time to waste writing content that has already been written by hundreds of others.

In these situations, I use the automated writing software Spin Rewriter 8.0 to automatically spin articles for blog article marketing.

The automatic writing software permits you to copy text (like an article or blog post) and create unique versions by replacing selected words or phrases with synonyms.

The more advanced spinning software like “Spin Rewriter” allows you to rearrange the order of sentences within paragraphs. You also have the ability to do multi-level spinning (spin within spins), allowing you to rearrange text at the level both the paragraph and sentence level creating multiple variations of the same text.

It simply takes a long time to write different variations of articles that are unique enough to make it worth your time and effort.

Using a tool like Spin Rewriter you will be able to create up to 1000 versions that are between 85% and 94% different from the original text with the click of a button.

Spin Rewriter 8.0 Reviews

Automatically Spin Articles- What is Spin rewriter 8.0?

Spin Rewriter is an online automated article writing software originally created in 2011 by Aaron Sustar of SmileyTech Solutions.

The newest release as of October 2017 Spin Rewriter 8.0 is one of the smarter article writing tools on the market.

I originally started with SpinRewriter 7.0 because of the great reviews that I saw online. My original Youtube video for SpinRewriter 7.0 is below.

SpinRewriter 8.0 uses algorithms to find never before posted articles for a given keyword phrase.

SpinRewriter rewrites content in a way that uses only appropriate synonyms. Spin Rewriter reviews are mostly positive. I own the software and I know it does what it says.


The good thing is that you can sign up for the free trial and give the new release Spin Rewriter 8.0 a test run.

While they will ask you to input your billing information when starting the trial you will not be billed until after the trial period is over.

This automatic writing software allows you to generate content more than once creating different versions every time you click. However, sometimes spinning the same article too many times will cause you to have to make more corrections before posting.

SpinRewriter will tell you the percentage of how much your new article differs from the original text on each spin.

There is a spelling and grammar check that you can use before posting the article on your website or blog .

The truth is you should always proofread articles before posting. Search engines like quality content, so it is important to do some quality control. google are looking for .

Spin Rewriter Review – PROS and CONS

Spin Rewriter Pros

  • SpinRewriter allows you to integrate with tools using API and post directly to your WordPress website from the dashboard.
  • You can insert related videos and images from their data base.
  • There are multiple pricing plans at the monthly, yearly and lifetime levels at an affordable price when compared to other automated spinners on the market.
  • You are able to take the trial for free!
  • They allow you to see a side by side comparison of the original and rewritten content.
  • Guides and tutorials to walk you through how to use the advanced features like Bulk Article Spinning.

Spin Rewriter Cons

  • As stated earlier, no matter how good the article spinner is you will have to do some quality control.

Spin Rewriter Support

I can say that the if you contact the spin rewriter support team that they will answer your request within 24 hours. My experience with them has been good. I originally got the Gold membership when I initially signed up and I was able to cancel within 24 hours as I only needed the basic membership for my purposes.

Testing Spin Rewriter – Spin Rewriter 8.0 Features

After testing the newest version of spin rewriter I can say overall there is less rewriting needed than the previous version.

Spin Rewriter 8.0 Pricing Plans and Discount

There are three pricing plans for Spin Rewriter 8.0:

  • $47 per month,
  • $197 per year (most popularand most sold)
  • $497 lifetime payment, granting you lifetime access to Spin Rewriter 8.0 and all successive updates

You can also take the 5-Day Free Trail Offer and give Spin Rewriter a test drive. 

Simply take the trial and see what pricing plan fits you and your needs.

PS: There is a 60% off the yearly subscription for a limited time brining the cost down to $77 per year if you decide to keep it. This is what I got when I started originally with Spin Rewriter 7.0.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee so no worry if you find later that you no longer need it within that time period.

Spin Rewriter 8.0 Review

 Is Spin Rewriter right for me?

If you are a Freelancer on websites like Fiver or Upwork, ebook author, blogger, small business owner looking to build a personal brand, article marketer, SEO expert or a content reseller, then spin rewriter is right for you.

Automatically Spin Articles With Spin Rewriter Final Words

After using the latest version of SpinRewriter I can say that it has gone from good to great.

Spin Rewriter 8.0 is just as fordable as its previous versions and the spinning has improved significantly. Most article spinning software on the market require a lot of corrections on the backend after the spinning is complete. The newest version of SpinRewriter minimizes this quality control.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Test drive Spin Rewriter yourself and take the 5-Day FREE Trial  before making up your mind.

Feel Free to leave comments below and let me know your experience.

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