GDI Scam Review – Global Domains International Reviews

Are you doing your due diligence to find out if Global Domains International is a GDI scam or a legit opportunity?

Can you make a substantial residual income promoting the GDI program?


Global Domains International (GDI) was founded in 2000 to offer .WS domain names and web site hosting for $10 a month.

Domains and hosting registrations are promoted by Global Domains International distributors who receive a regular commission on personal sales.

GDI is similar to other hosting/ domain companies with one acceptation.  Many other hosting companies traditionally offer “.com”, “.net” or “.org” websites, Global Domains International decided to sell only “.ws.” domains.

This company reminds me alot of Penny Matrix and Legal Shield for its unique product.

GDI Compensation Plangdi-scam

GDI offers a 5 level MLM compensation plan that allows its members to earn an affiliate commission from sales and personally enrolled reps.

GDI has been around since 2000 and has proven track record. If it were not a legit organization the FTC would have shut it down at its inception. In fact, Global Domains International is one of the most prevalent and recognized MLM business opportunities online today.

So far GDI sounds legit and profitable. However, I will tell you the secret that some GDI distributors may not tell you…

The truth is that without the proper internet marketing skill set and training the chances of making a significant income promoting .ws domains and hosting are low.

So here is the question…

Is Global Domains International a GDI Scam?

I will start this by saying that GDI has been around since 2000 and if it was indeed a scam the FTC would not have hesitated to shut it down.

Now with that said after doing some research I found three reasons why some scream GDI scam.

The first reason why some call GDI a scam is because of the compensations plan. Most people who join an MLM are looking to supplement if not replace their current income. This means that on average people are looking to make an extra $300 or more per month after joining an MLM opportunity.

An extra $300 a month could help pay off debt, help to pay for daycare, or help with mortgage or rent.

This issue is that GDI only pays $1 per sale.

In other words, you would need to personally make 300 sales in order to reach that $300 per month. With such a competitive market this becomes a very difficult task.

To give you an example of just how competitive this market is, one domain/hosting company Godaddy sells .com and .org domains for $10 a year and hosting for $4.95 a month.

The second reason why people may say that GDI is a scam is because with such a low paying compensation plan there is little to no budget for paid advertising and promotion.

This means that growing your GDI business will require being able to generate massive amounts of organic traffic to your opportunity which takes time and expertise.

Finally, to build a profitable business with the GDI compensation plan you will have to sign up a massive number of effective distributors.

Which is absolutely awesome if you are able to do so…

However, by having an earning potential of only one dollar per month and little to no advertising budget… the challenges of making a profitable business with GDI are obvious.

Overall given the competitive nature of the domain/hosting niche GDI seems to be on the expensive end of the spectrum with low earnings potential.

Success in a challenging and competitive industry like network marketing requires the proper skillset. If you plan on utilizing the power to the internet to build your business your will need the proper tools. In any profession proper training is necessary for any noteworthy success. This same rule applies to network marketing!

Sounds difficult…

network marketing company reviews

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