Mastering MLM Online Marketing and Attraction Marketing

MLM online marketing has become a very attractive alternative to utilizing the traditional methods of network marketing like talking to family and friends. The mlm attraction marketing model specifically has recently been taking the internet and industry by storm. With such a powerful tool such as the internet the question remains, why is there such a low success rate in the network marketing industry.

MLM Online Marketing Gone Wrong

The truth is many of us are simply doing internet marketing the wrong way. Many of us (including me) gravitated to the internet as a result of a desire to expand our business beyond the traditional methods of direct sales. The problem is we sometimes take this a step further by completely knocking the traditional network marketing strategies when utilizing mlm attraction marketing.

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MLM Marketing Online Biggest Mistake

One of the most common and biggest mistakes that mlm attraction marketers make is making everything seem as if there is some magic pills that will grant individuals instant success on complete autopilot. These blog post and trainings tell people that they will be able to earn money in no time with minimal effort.

Online MLM Recruiting…And your message

There is an old saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”. If you are writing or creating content that claim that proven (old school) network marketing methods don’t work , you may be turning leaders away from your message.

When leaders see that you are creating false expectations or promoting a get rich quick mentality they simply do not reach out to you.

Balancing MLM Online Marketing and Traditional Methods

It is extremely important to your network marketing success to balance online and traditional methods for team building. As stated earlier, mlm online marketing is commonly sold as a simple push button alternative to traditional offline network marketing methods. When someone expects something to be easy, there is a much higher chance that that person will quit at the first sign of an obstacle.

This is the exact thing that kept me in a kind of entrepreneurial rat race. Essentially your team reaches a point where it seems like people are coming in and out of your organization at the same rate. Marketing in a way that is realistic and can help others to make an informed decision is definitely more effective.

Long Standing Online and Offline Teams  are Built on the Phone

There are some important things to remember if you are utilizing internet marking to build your network marketing or affiliate program.

    1. Be mindful of the type of people you wish to attract into your organization. If you want to attract leaders you must market to leaders. Utilize prospecting and closing tactics and get on the phone.
    2. Regardless of if you are contacting your warm market or cold market it is important to have posture when you are on the phone. This posture comes from not being addicted or attached to the outcome of the conversation.

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