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My Lead System Pro or MLM Lead System Pro was founded by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer in September 2008. My Lead System Pro was started as a general network marketing business building system. This system was started on the same attraction marketing principles used by the founders to generate 7 and 8 figure incomes. This system is updated on a consistent basis to provide its members with the most up to date marketing techniques.

Myleadsystempro Review

MLM Lead System Pro provides a plethora of tools, training and software programs that facilitate the operation and management of a profitable MLM affiliate marketing business. Members will receive their own professional My Lead System Pro blog hosting called MLSP SITES, picture and video hosting, link tracking, a FUNNELIZER (lead page generator) and a comprehensive CRM customer relationship manager.

What you promote is up to you. However, mlmleadsystempro will provide you with the necessary training and tools to effectively market and promote your opportunity and product. You simply have to put in the work and follow the step by step blueprint.

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Mastery Members are granted access to 46+ training courses, daily motivational and informative wake up calls, live weekly training webinars, access to  very active exclusive Facebook Group and the option to reviewed private personalized coaching geared toward helping you based on your individual needs.


My Lead System Pro offers two membership options. At both levels you will receive training on attraction marketing, lead generation, sponsoring and personal branding.

  • MLSP University is $49 per monthand comes limited versions of the same proven attraction marketing tools and training. The MLSP affiliate program is free.
  • MLSP Mastery is $149 per monthand comes with all of the tools above and a professional blog platform, custom member options, pure profit products (Products where you earn 100% commission) to facilitate operate and scale a profitable MLM affiliate marketing business. Mastery members also get the unique opportunity to earn $100 per person for each mastery member that you refer.
  • You can test drive the system for only $10and get a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  1. Sign Up, click the START HERE tab and follow the instructions to customize the system to fit your personal needs.
  2. Choose a specific marketing strategy and seek to master that given strategy. Spend at least two to three weeks implementing what you learn.
  3. Take imperfect action towards your goals for lead generation and personally enrolled reps. If you have any questions along the way you can utilize the active private MLSP Facebook group. Take consistent action over a extended period of time and promote your content. You will soon be generating highly targeted and qualified leads.

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My Lead System Pro affiliate program pays members anywhere from 20-35% commission for product sales. MLSP Mastery members can earn $100 per personally enrolled mastery member. In addition mastery members are able to earn income on pure profit products that offer a payout of 100% on select product sales. University members are restricted to making a max of 45% commissions.

While MLSP is not considered a business opportunity in the strictest sense, I have generated over 2,000 leads and have referred countless new reps into one or more MLM affiliate marketing businesses. Accordingly utilizing and promoting MLSP very profitable.


Once you join My Lead System Pro, you will receive an integrated TRAINING and TOOLSET that will assist you in developing your personal brand, business, product and service to growing and targeted audience. You will have the opportunity to “earn while you learn” as an active affiliate.

So is Myleadsystempro Review Scam true?

MLSP is not a magic bullet. The system will not generate leads for you. MLSP provides all you need to learn how to generate leads online, convert those leads to sale… and all the tools you need to take action and execute on what you have learned.

Your results based on your effort and how well you utilize the tools and training provided.

MLSP is nothing more than a powerful TOOL…

… which is absolutely worthless unless you actually put in the time and effort to follow the proven blueprint. Without proper promotion, nothing happens. Which is true for every business. Including yours, right?

So now the questions begs:

If not MLSP MLM lead system pro, what?

And if not now, when?

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