Penny Matrix Scam Review – Does it Really Work?

Can you actually make a substantial income with a Penny Matrix?

Over the years I have researched the legitimacy of numerous “pennymatrix” programs.

After doing research on these penny matrix opportunities the bottom line was the same:

There was no significant money to be made.

What I found is regardless of your marketing experience you would have to recruit a ton of people into a given penny matrix program to make a significant amount of money.

For example, a team of EIGHT THOUSAND in a penny matrix could come out to less than $1,000 per month.

Even with the new program, 8,600+ active members would only pay approximately $2,000 per month.

This does not sound bad if you are able to recruit such a massive number of people.

Think about how different your life would be if  you could bring in a extra $300, $500, or $1,000 without overtime or a second job.

For most of us an additional monthly residual income would make a big difference.

So we will take a look at the numbers and discover perhaps a better way to make significant online income quickly and why investing time and energy in promoting a penny matrix may not be worthwhile.


When it comes to sales it is just as easy (or challenging) to sell something worth $100 per sale as it is to sell something worth $0.30 per sale.

Surely, we wouldn’t want to step over dollars for pennies.

The steps for promoting a business online are the same no matter if you are promoting a penny matrix program that pays pennies or another affiliate program that pays dollars. Let’s work smart.

Think about it like this…

I am writing this blog post understanding a few things. 2,900 will sit at their computer and  google, “penny matrix” ,  “pennymatrix”,  “penny matrix review” or even “penny matrix scam” each and every month.

People are searching these things because they want more information.

Let’s assume that 20% of those who searched for pennymatrix find and read blog post. Let’s say that of the people who read the blog post 10% join the program.

Let’s do the mathpenny-matrix-scam

  • 2,900 people search per month
  • 580 read this blog post
  • 58 join the program
  • 58 x $0.30 = $17.40 per month
  • $17.40 x 12 = $208.80 per month end of the year

This does show that if all goes according to plan we will be profitable. However, in reality automated conversion rates tend to be much lower. Additionally, the majority of people who sign up will never sign up a single person regardless of the price.

This won’t make much of a difference if you have mastered an AUTOMATED way of promoting the program – like ranking a blog post on search engines.

The process for promoting any online business is the same. Create valuable optimized content and promote that content to rank. I will say that the process sounds simple but there is a detailed process that does involve knowing what you are doing. However, if done correctly you will have created an automated money making machine. The step by step processes a very reasonably priced course called Posting on Purpose for Profit.

How To Generate More Leads, Sales and Reps To Maximize the Penny Matrix Compensation Plan?


There are three ways to earn additional income in your business:

  • More customers
  • Higher Price
  • More Sales

One of the best and most rewarding ways to make money fast is through the sale of a product that requires a monthly subscription. These products have the potential of paying you a guaranteed residual income every month until the person cancels.

If you are proficient at creating and promoting content to rank then promoting a penny matrix makes long term sense.

The truth is that it simply makes more sense (and cents) to earn $100 per month per sale than $0.30 per sale.

Let’s do the math. We will take the same monthly traffic but this time instead of 10% conversion of all readers we will reduce that to 1% because of the more expensive price tag.

  • 2,900 people search the keyword phrase per month
  • 580 read the post
  • 8 join
  • 8 x $100 = $580 per month
  • $580 x 12 = $6,960 PER MONTH end of the year

While you giving the same amount of time and energy there is just more profit with the higher ticket for the same work.

You may have success promoting a penny matrix program if you are able to use blogging, social media, and video marketing techniques to automate the marketing.

network marketing company reviews

However, if you are serious about taking your monthly residual check to the  next level and earning income online– consider systems that pay at least $100 per month per sale.

PS – Posting on Purpose for Profits | How to Make SERIOUS Money Blogging

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2 thoughts on “Penny Matrix Scam Review – Does it Really Work?”

  1. Great info here on the penny matrix. It is not a scam, but just simply not the most lucrative option or the best use of your online marketing time.

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