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Are you timid about approaching your warm market list?

If you seriously want to build a profitable network marketing business quickly… gotta just do it!

Approaching your warm market list is a proven method for getting started on the fast track in your network marketing business.

This is true for everyone even if you believe that you burnt out your warm market, or that you lack the credibility or social presence.



We all know about the warm market list that our sponsor told us to compile containing, friends, family, coworker, and business associates, and anyone who may know you in any way.

The truth this this is the list that most of us avoid for various reasons. My justifications for not approaching my warm market would go like this:

  • I’ve already approached these same people with my precious opportunity.
  • Most people that I know are already on my team.
  • I do not want to mess up the relationship that I have with this person by sharing this opportunity with them.

All of these reasons sound like viable reasons why one would not bother to make a warm market list.

However, if you feel strongly about the opportunity that you are offering then we must get past our ego and give the people who we care about the most the opportunity to make up their own minds about what we have to offer.

I remember the first time I called my entire warm market list. After exhausting the entire list I was able to get 5 personally enrolled distributors into my primary company. More important than any sign up was the experience I would gain. The experience gained by making the calls and handling various objections definitely helped me when I began to approach my cold market.

It was not until I actually made and called my warm market list that I realized why my sponsor wanted me to make the list in the first place. Calling your warm market list will do more for you and your business than additional sales. Effective communication over the phone takes time to develop. When you create your warm market list think about why what you have to offer would be a good fit for that person without falling into the temptation of prejudging. Think about the person and their current situation without being concerned about whether or not they would be open to what you have to offer.


Contacting your warm market list can be nerve racking. You may be wondering what you should say to that person, especially if you have not spoken to that person in a while.

What to say is simple…

“Hey, what’s your email address? I want to send you over a link to a short 30 minute video I want you to take a look at because I would really like your opinion. If I send that over now, how soon can you take a look at it? It’s important because I would really like your opinion.”

If the person that you are contacting ask you what the video is about you have two options. Simply tell the person that that is exactly what the video is for and ask “by when would you have looked at it.”

The reason why you don’t want to give too much information up front is simply to protect the prospect from counting themselves out before having the chance to fully understand the opportunity. When you mention a company’s name people will generally search that company name on google where they may find negative propaganda about that company.

If the person you are contacting presses you for more information prior to watching the video tell them that you were thinking about their specific situation (the reason why they may be interested) and that your thought the information would be valuable for them.

The point of the conversation is not to give information about the company, products or even explain that it is a business opportunity video. The point of this initial call is simply to get the person to watch the video. By approaching the call in this way you avoid having people count themselves out before fully understanding the opportunity.

Result? I called 121 people and personally sponsored five into a new program. More importantly, I got rid of the fear of getting on the phone.

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If you feel that the person would not recognize your voice then you can contact that person using Facebook Messanger, email, or text.

The process is the same. Have a quick introduction, link company presentation, and let the person know that you will follow up to get their opinion.

Result? 67 messages. 3 new team members.

Moral of the story?

Approaching your warm market will not only give your business boost in sales and personally enrolled reps, but the experience should improve your level of comfortability contacting people regardless of any fear that we may have developed over time. Taking action simply removes fear and the nagging thought of “what if”.

You do not have to prove, sway, or persuade anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. Just share your message about the opportunity. Use all tools at your disposal. Be sure to follow up and get their opinion on what they saw. Some will join you, some will not.

And If not, No big deal! Detach from the outcome. Be like the waiter who is offering coffee. Don’t worry if that person does not want coffee.

  • Connect with your [warm market list]
  • Guide them to a simple video presentation
  • Follow up to collect a decision

Best Regards,

Marc Antoine

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