Branding Yourself – The Ultimate Guide to Building Your MLM Brand

Branding yourself may be one of the most important steps to creating authority online and building the business of your dreams. The truth is that people typically buy from people and brands that they know like and trust. In this blog post, I will outline the dos and don’ts when branding yourself online.

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Branding Yourself – How to Brand Yourself?

We are in sales. In order to make more sales, we don’t have to become a better salesperson but we have to work on our brand and marketing.

When marketing and branding are done correctly your prospects and potential customers come presold to what you have to sell. This is done because you have given them enough value that they have absorbed your message and understand who you are and what your brand does.

What is MLM Branding?

What does a brand mean to you? A brand is a relationship, reputation, specialization, expertise, and feeling. It is a feeling that not only you get but your prospect will get as well.

Within a brand your are listening, understanding, engage, converse, develop and reinforce. Great brands are created when you become synonymous with solving a problem. As you meet potential clients write down the problems that they have in their business and what you have to offer that can potentially solve that problem. Take note of people’s problems. Specialists solve problems. The goal of your brand should be to attract customers that are qualified and are familiar with your message and familiar with what you do.

Your brand should be clear on exactly what makes a potential customer or client qualified to work with you. Know your ideal prospects general mood and attitude. Be clear on how what you have to offer is unique. What is going to stick out about you and what you have to offer in your prospects mind?


How to Brand Yourself Online?

A brand is not a better product or service but it is a name that stands for something in the mind of your prospects. Your brand lives and dies in the mind of your prospects. Think about how you are being perceived. Everything that you do will affect your brand.

Your brand should tell prospects why they should choose you over someone else. Let people know what your brand does. Always make the best first impression because people may not be familiar with what you do and your message.

While you are sleeping your brand is working for you!

People think about their problems when they sleep. With an effective brand, you will be the one that they seek to solve that problem when they wake up. You want your brand to hold a place in the prospects minds. Let people know what problem you solve and how you can add value to their life.


Benefits of Branding Yourself

A well-established brand will lead to numerous benefits. Your ideal brand will lead to increase earning potential resulting from consistent flow into your business. You will eventually receive greater recognition and increased credibility for the problem that you solve as time passes. You brand will not happen overnight but added perceived value will continue to increase with consistency.

Branding Yourself Online is About Emotions

What emotions do you want to give your prospects? When your brand pulls on those emotional strings and drags you prospect closer to your solution you will win. People generally make decisions based on emotions. Your client will buy because your brand makes them feel a certain way. People have to know exactly how they can benefit from working with you.

Brand Acquisition – A Brand Identity Vs A Brand Image

Your brand identity should match as close as possible to your brand image.

A brand identity is a way that you want people to perceive you.

A brand image is a collection of qualities that people identify with you like humor, hairstyle, clothes, and physical characteristics.

Personal branding demands total commitment. Be willing to focus on brand building instead of selling and advertising.


How to brand? – Target Market

Your target market is the right message for the right people. You will need to identify exactly who you want to attract. It is a common mistake to think that your business is for everyone. You do not want to cover every topic under the sun. If you are marketing to everyone then you are marketing to no one. We want to be focused on exactly who we want to target like a laser.

Specialization – Brand Myself

The never ending process of refining your products and services for a clearly defined ideal target market and target client.

You want your brand to attract and repel quickly online. You should be attracting your ideal client. If a client is not ideal for you have a list of people that you can refer them to. The more competitive your target market the more specialized you have to be.

Your specialization statement is the service for your target market. As small business owners, most of our clients and prospect will be people that don’t really know us yet.

We have to let people know exactly what we do as soon as possible. Your slogan should be precise and explain who your audience is and what problem you solve.

There are a few ways to get your brand out into the community.

Create actionable content that people can implement. Be sure that it is pertinent to your market. Maintain the relationships with the people that you interact with. Show people appreciation for having brought from you in the past.

Branding Yourself – Creating Your Perfect Avatar

Use the following questions to create your ideal customer or client (avatar)

What are the wants, pains, and needs?

Where do they hang out?

Where does this person typically like to shop?

What media do they consume?

What books and magazines do they read?

List three problems your avatar is having. Think deeply about their frustration. Think about the worst possible scenario for them. What will happen to this person if this problem is not solved?

How does this problem make them feel? What do people think? What are the consequences?

What are they secretly afraid of ? What keeps your target market up a night?

Knowing the pain point of your target market ensures that your marketing does not go to waste. Being clear about your target market also allows for you to align what you have to offer to your audience.

Think about the core issue of your target market. Think about their objection. Within your marketing message ease their pain.

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Branding Yourself – Types of Traffic

There are three types of traffic to keep in mind when branding yourself.

When a group of people is exposed to what you have to offer for the first time they are considered cold traffic.

Cold Traffic is the most important traffic in your business. You cold market are the people that you want to run ads to. The purpose of running ads is to get new people to take a look at your blog post, social media updates, lead magnets and other forms of your content.

Warm market traffic is people who have been exposed to you a little and are looking to see that they can trust you. You want to give these individuals extreme value by helping them to check out a webinar.

Hot market traffic is people who know you well and may have made a purchase from you in the past.

Run ads to your cold market. Think about how to serve them and help them with their issues and problems. Develop a clear marketing strategy.

Using Social Media to Market Your Brand – Facebook Brand Guidelines

Think about what feeling people have when they see you. We don’t want to come off as the pushy sales person. It is important to let people close themselves. There are three brand power sources. The first is an emotional impact. Know what emotions you want to elicit in your prospects minds. Do you want them to feel encouraged? The second source of power to your brand is consistency. People want to know that you will show up no matter what. The third source is time. You have to give your brand time to develop. This will not happen overnight but continue to give value no matter what.

What would you think if you can’t find a business on facebook?

Social media will build credibility, maintain relationships and turn prospects into active consumers. It is not always about making a prospect into a customer but if you can turn them into an active consumer of your content.


Social media marketing works best as a tool for attracting traffic and attention. However, it is less effective for converting strangers into clients. Effective marketers use social media primarily to turn prospects into blog readers and subscribers. Give these people consistent free value.

Your marketing strategy should revolve around how you are going to build your audience, engage with them and sell to them. For social media marketing think about your marketing message from the perception of the consumer. Think about how you can get your message across and move people to take action.

The primary steps to your strategy should revolve around the actions of attracting, converting, and transforming. You want to attract the attention of your consumer by getting eyes on your platform. Convert strangers into consumers then customers. Then transform that customer into a magnetic attraction like a testimonial.

The number 1 reason why people fail in social media is because they don’t have or create a solid marketing plan. You must have a clearly stated brand and a primary problem that you solve in order to be effective and targeted enough on social media. Be clear about the exact outcome that your solution provides. Be sure that your outcome clearly differentiates you from others in a similar niche.

Your primary strategy within social media should be publishing valuable content. You are a publisher of value that solves a problem. How would it feel if people relied on you for the benefit of their personal and professional life? People will reach out to you.

Be energetic on your platform. Social media will amplify any result as long as you show the appropriate energy to energize others.

Consumption of valuable content over a period of time will eventually lead to a client. The best conversion tool is your website. Your blog should be up to date and in line with your brand. If you are branding yourself your name should be within your domain name.

Visibility is more important than ability when branding yourself on social media. You have to been seen the right way by the right people. When people see your face and your name more often they will automatically assume that you are successful. Think about the ways that you target market can see you. List all of the ways that customers come into contact with your brand. You may want to create a group around a specific outcome. Finally, remember to start your journey by attracting not selling.

Branding Yourself – Analyzing Your MLM Brand

Remember to track and evaluate your business. You must be able to change direction quickly, based on data from analysis. In order to take advantage of opportunities to grow your  business. Marketing momentum will depend on your ability to make strategic changes after analyzing information. Remember failure is feedback. Be quick about making changes to better you business based on current data.

Always be willing to refine what you do. Things are happening quickly and we must be in line with the times to keep in line with what is current.

Think about ways to help people get involved with you more. Look closely at your current situation and be clear on your goals.

What does your marketing strategy look like to a complete stranger? Look to take advantage of all the tool that you have. Every aspect of your marketing strategy should be directly tracked back to your overall goals of the business. Be clear about the outcome of completing a particular task. Likes, subscribers, attendees, and social shares are some possible outcomes to keep in mind.

Follow and engage with your target market. Create your own campaign, groups, e-books, live events, and boot camps. Find out exactly what your target market is looking for and help them by aligning your content to what they seek. There are three reasons to build an online brand enhance, educate, and entertain. Enhance a result. Educate your target market about how a similar result could benefit them. If we do this in an entertaining and creative way.

Pick a day within the week to analyze data. Look for the most viewed pages and post on your website and make more on similar topics. Survey people and ask for ways that you can improve. Track your audience from your facebook fan page and take a look at who is looking at your post and at what time.

Creating Customer Focused Content For Your MLM Brand

Completely immerse yourself in what the customer wants. Listen and act on their input and feedback and personalizing their experience with your brand. Think about the experience that your audience wants to experience. Create your content around this experience. People have a drive to want to express themselves. Position your content in a way that people can comment on it and express themselves. Think about what your brand will allow customers to say about themselves.

How can you make you consumers or audience feel special? People will be constantly getting information but it is not always contextualized in a way that is easy to understand. Content should be organized into categories that relate to your content.

Focus on the quality of your content versus the quantity.

Strong content will build rapport. Ask a question about your content. Throw a fact and start to ask questions that will bring up a pain point. Create content that will specifically solve a problem. Your content should let your prospect know that you are supportive. It should say that you will be there for them to help them fulfill their goals.

Branding Yourself Conclusion

Branding Yourself effectively may be the key to taking your business to the next level. Your personal brand give your the authority necessary to generate more leads, traffic and sales. Your brand will work for you 24/7 if executed properly. One of the biggest struggles is creating a clear marketing strategy that will help you to create an effective brand in a reasonable amount of time. If you are serious about building your personal brand and earning income from home then I suggest you check out my Simple Top Earner Secret.

Results …

I have been able to hit the leaderboards for both leads and affiliate commissions.


The strategy and steps are simple. However, it will take hard work. Are you up to the challenge of creating a full-time online income from multiple sources?

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How to Become A Person of Influence and Leader Online

How would it feel to have an unlimited amount of free leads? What if you could teach your team a simple strategy to meet quality prospects and clients. What if you could also earn a commission when someone does not want to join you in the network marketing company or business opportunity?

How to Become A Person of Influence

Within the online marketing community, it is important to provide consistent value to the marketplace. Providing valuable content allows you to turn all people who aren’t interested in your opportunity to followers of your movement.become-a-person-of-influence

Valuable content allows you to say, “that’s fine if you’re not interested in my network marketing company. But here is a great training for you that can help you to build your business .”

Building a business is simple but it is not easy. It’s all about consistency. Your focus should be on branding yourself to attract an ideal prospect. Make sure your profile covers the exact kind of people who you want to attract to your business.

Become a Leader Online

Choose the top three leaders within your specific niche. What do their profiles look like? What problems do they solve for your target market? Think about your message and your point of view.

The more honest you are in your branding the more people will respect you. Share the story that makes you unique. People love stories that show that you can relate to what they are currently going through. Even if you have yet to overcome a given obstacle yourself people will respect and follow your efforts.

Imagine if you could present yourself as a credible authority by sharing your story.

person-of-influenceAre you being edgy?

The most effective post are going to be the ones where you share your biggest pet peeve in a positive way. For example, Share that message in a positive way, not in a negative way.

For example, if you want to talk about negative people you may say, “Not enough people in business understand the importance of proper use of time. We need to stop running our business like an annoying job and start moving towards a more professional and noble stance. Growing your business should become synonymous with growing yourself.”

This is effective because it relates to a pain point for your audience while driving home a motivational message to ease that pain.

Learn how to recruit leaders. When you recruit leaders it because you are.

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The Conversation

I don’t use scripts anymore. It is important to not have the mindset of always trying to get people into your business. If you have that mindset you will only attract people who want you to join their business.

With that said, there are six questions you may want to consider asking when speaking to new prospects. It is important to have a natural conversation and think about these questions conceptually rather than the exact words.

Closing questions

  • Question 1: What do you do for work? (Goal is to get them to ask you back)
  • Question 2: How long have you been doing that for?
  • Question 3 : Wow you must love it. Huh?
  • Question 4: Have you ever considered doing anything different?
  • Question 5: this may or may not be for you, but based on what you shared with me you may want to take a look at what I do, Especially since it wouldn’t interfere time-wise with your commitments, if you’re open I could send you some information if not no big deal.

Feel them out, if it’s not the right time you’ll know. Make sure you’ve properly identified a problem you can solve.

  • Question 6: Here is my number (—-) give me a call if you have questions, What’s yours so I know who’s calling me?

The key is to offer a helping hand and build rapport. Talk to people and build relationships sometimes you will be able to help others, other times they will be able to help you. Take your personal development seriously as it is the key to becoming an effective leader.

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7 Little Known Reasons to Brand Yourself Revealed

Have you ever wondered whether you should brand yourself online? In any network marketing company, it is important to brand yourself and not your MLM affiliate program.

Why Brand Yourself?

Maybe you want to live the life of your dreams. You may want to have the freedom to spend time with your family.

What keeps you up at night? Why?

What you do in your life is about you and how you feel about the world you want to make a difference in.

It is common to join a company that will immediately tell you to post about the network marketing opportunity or product on your Facebook profile. However, if we are honest that kind of post does not get as much traction as posting a picture of what you are having for lunch or even a Selfie at the beach? It may gain some traction if you already have a following, but for the average person, it will lead to few likes and inevitable frustration.

7 Reasons To Brand Yourself Today:

  1. Your network marketing company is not your company or brand! You may love the products, compensation plan, and your upline. But, the truth is that you don’t own that company. Blasting your company logo on your Facebook page will not help you to brand yourself.
  2. Your network marketing company does not pay for advertising. Instead, they have an affiliate program or distributor program in place to help people get the word out for them. Most likely your network marketing company is not a marketing training company. Furthermore, they are most likely not going to teach you the real effective marketing skill-set. Most network marketing companies teach you old school tactics.
  • Making a list of 100 people
  • Contacting your friends and family
  • Blitzing at the mall
  • Talking to strangers
  • Hosting Home Parties

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I am not knocking these techniques because they will help you to become a better networker. However, these techniques will do little for your business in terms of effective marketing!

  1. Marketing vs Spamming. The two components to effective marketing are active prospecting and passive marketing. Active prospecting addresses meeting new people who fit into your target market. In addition, the lesser known method of passive marketing is completely separates leaders and spammers. Blasting your company’s pictures and information is spamming and ineffective. Don’t worry, I am a retired spammer myself. However, passive marketing includes creating valuable content in the form of videos, blog post, lifestyle pictures on Facebook with the goal of attracting ideal clients and branding yourself. active prospecting and passive marketing are
  1. Your personal brand represents you, your reputation, specialization, and ability. Realistically, your brand should be in line with your burning desire. Your brand is a feeling that your prospects will get before they even see you.
  2. Branding yourself will attract prospects that are qualified, motivated to work with you and are familiar with your message and what you do. Furthermore, your brand will become synonymous with solving a problem.
  3. Perception is everything! People must perceive you as the caring expert in your niche. In addition, always go out and make the best first impression that you can.
  4. While your sleeping your brand is working for you. People will be thinking about their problems as they sleep. Your job is to solve that problem when they wake up.


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