How to Find a Profitable Network Marketing System

Want to dramatically increase the odds of building a successful network marketing business?

They key is to focus on creating and identifying a proven network marketing system. Marketing implies the ability reach massive numbers of people within your specific mlm niche. System implying duplicability and automaticity.

Let take about what a network marketing system is in detail…


Network Marketing System

As you may know, the sad reality of the network marketing industry is that most people who join a MLM opportunity will never earn a dime and quit within their first three months. The truth is that within those three months they never really truly got started on the right path.

The key is to build a business, with a proven plan that has produced favorable results in the past. The problem is most of us get excited about an opportunity and try to spread the word without a clear strategy in mind.

Sometime our mindset or emotional reasons for signing up keep us from taking the time to create a plan to have a profitable long term business.

I many cases a prospect will sign up and simply do what their upline or leader told them to do. The get ready to contact their family and friends and set up a company replicated site. If the person is truly courageous they will invite their family and friends to a home party to see if anyone is open to the opportunity new network marketing system.

Then the reality of building a profitable network marketing business sets in after this initial warm market list runs dry.

You quickly realize that you need to be able to produce leads on a consistent basis and expose massive numbers of people to your opportunity. This means that you will need to drive massive amounts of traffic to your content or website.

To say the least there are a set of skills that must be mastered to reach network marketing success.

You can have the a lead capture web site, a blog, a list building software, and email mailing tool and still not have the system necessary to reach your goals. The purpose of a lead generation site is to create an automated way of collecting the contact information of people who are likely to want your product or service. If you are able to drive massive amount of targeted traffic to valuable content then a tool like a lead capture page will work in your favor. Therefore, it is necessary to have a traffic generation system in place before the tool can be of any service to you.

The important thing to remember is that the tool is useless without a system. Usually people buy the tools and think that it will act as some kind of magic pill. But the truth is that building a network marketing company is a lot like driving a stick shift when you have only been taught how to drive an automatic. Chances are you burn the clutch trying to get out of first gear. Unless you have someone show you’re a system proven to work.

If you have an effective system you will need few tools to make it work.


Think about what you want to accomplish.

What do you what the system to do for your business? What result or objective do you have in mind?

Setting a clear goal will help you to produce the plan necessary for putting an effective system into place.

Creating a lead generation system is very different than showing the plan.

First things first. Begin with the end in mind.

What, specifically, do you want your system to do and/or produce? What is the specific result or objective you have in mind?

The simplest way to build a profitable network marketing system is to find a couple of  people who have produced the result that you want.

I is really that simple. Find the people who have done it and copy what they did without rebuilding the wheel. At that point you know that you can work with confidence knowing that you are doing that work that has produced results.

The best thing to do is to find a model. Use this model and learn the skills along the way. Find a way to model those who have succeeded before you.


About a year ago I joined a lead generation and personal branding tool. The purpose of this tool is to help you build your network marketing business by giving you a web based platform. The truth is that a tool like this is worthless without a system.

So I looked for their proven model to success. I went to the lead generation leaderboards and did research on exactly what they did to accomplish lead generation success. With clarity of a plan and a clear system in place I was now able to efficiently use the tools provided.

Result? I now have a “network marketing system” that is pulling in leads like a vacuum.

What to know the system that is proven to produce results? Are you willing to put in the time and effort necessary?

Well here it is…

Proven Network Marketing System that Produces Results

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What is Network Marketing? – Network Marketing Definition

Network Marketing Definition: A business model in which an associate is leveraged to sell products and services. This network of distributors is required to build the business. Typically with this multi-level marketing and direct sales business model you will be able to leverage the efforts of a team and get paid on multiple levels.

What makes this business model popular is the fact that it gives the average person the opportunity to start a part-time and possibly full-time business from home with flexible hour. This is due to the fact that network marketing typically features a low startup cost and access to a product line that can be sold directly either in person or through an affiliate link.

The network marketing industry covers a wide variety of niches like travel, cosmetics, health and wellness, jewelry and more. Some of the most notable companies in the USA are Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Amway. We will cover the variety of niches and companies to look out for in each list later in this blog post.

When it comes to building a downline and getting paid off of the efforts of others network marketing often gets a bad rap. A network marketing system where the majority of revenue is produce by recruitment rather than the sale of product is considers and illegal pyramid scheme.

Be sure to investigate your potential multilevel marketing company thoroughly before spending any money. I have reviewed hundreds of online income opportunities and this is by far the best one.

Old School Network Marketing

When some people think of network marketing they imagine housewives buying and selling fitness products at home parties, or a salesperson trying to get you to take a look at an opportunity that has made so many millions by simply talking to family and friends.

Neither one of these images give a real clear picture of what network marketing is all about. Network Marketing is neither a hobby nor get-rich-quick-pyramid-scheme but an opportunity to earn substantial income running a part-time or full-time business.

Network marketing success is a result of dedication, focus and determination to build an organization selling legitimate products and services in an effective way.

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There are a number of reasons why people ask “is network marketing a pyramid scheme? “ The truth is that a legitimate network marketing opportunity is not a pyramid scheme. Network marketing must have a product or service that the company provides to be a legit opportunity.

Unfortunately, many pyramid schemes attempt pass as legitimate multilevel marketing businesses until the FTC eventually step in and shut down these fraudulent companies.

The key is not to join an opportunity that emphasizes recruiting rather than the promotion of  a product or service.

Because if  members are getting paid solely for recruiting without the exchange of a product or service you will quickly find that that company is no longer compliant with the FTC and will be shut down.

The safest way to protect yourself from this is to find a network marketing company with a proven track record.

 Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Schemes are illegal. For one to make money in a pyramid scheme another will have to lose money. This is simply taking advantage of people. In contrast, in network marketing you actually earn when another is able to duplicate your efforts.

For some time people thought that the only way to make it in network marketing was to hunt down family and friends and get them on a company presentation. While this warm market list still serves as the foundation for many successful network marketing businesses, people are now using more sophisticated techniques to utilize the power of the internet, and other long distance sponsoring techniques to build their business.

What is network marketing?

When you ask someone this question you are bound to get various responses depending on who you talk to.

Talk to someone who joined the opportunity and learned the ropes and took the massive long term action necessary to build a successful business and they will tell you:

Network marketing is the greatest opportunity on the planet. They will tell you about how the average person can become financially free with little investment.

On the other hand if you speak to someone who never really got busy doing the long term actions necessary to build a profitable business and they will tell you:

That network marketing does not work. Only people who get in early produce results.

But this still does not answer the question at hand.

What is network marketing?


Network Marketing is a direct sales model that allows the sales representative to become an independent distributor and earn commissions on the sales of company products, recruiting other representatives, and creating a downline of distributors.

Network Marketing Success – How Does It Work?

Network Marketing is definitely not about getting rich quick. This is a common misconception when people join a network marketing company. After seeing all the successful people walk the stage on a sales video a prospect may be convinced that this happened because those individuals are lucky. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Network marketing success is based on a basic set of principles and laws.

Network Marketing has the potential of becoming a serious source of income for people who are serious about building a real business. The blueprint has been laid out and the only proof you need that it works is that other in the past have done it before. If your company is a good one they will provide the necessary training for duplicable results.

One key to Network Marketing success is leverage. By leveraging your time to increase the productivity and the efforts of others will bring you closer to reaching your goals.  

  1. Paul Getty, said “I would rather make 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent on my own efforts.” This simple and easy to understand concept is the foundation of network marketing.

Another key to network marketing success is duplication. Some of the most successful network marketers utilize systems and attract people to their offer in a seamless way. These individuals work dedicated hours on a consistent basis to build a long term business.

Network marketing is about helping others get started in business with a low overhead. As with anything there is a skill-set involved that can be learned and taught. After learning this skill you can take advantage of the lifestyle and increased network as you build your people-to-people business.

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How to choose the Best MLM Company?

There have been hundreds of network marketing companies started over the years.

How to choose the right one?

Let’s investigate this further shall we…

MLM Products

Be sure to investigate the quality of the products and company customer service representation. A good place to look is the Better Business Bureau as all formal customer complaints will be listed there. Don’t let a simple complaint discourage you. However, be sure to look closely at how the company responds to these complaints. For new network marketing companies it is common to see shipping and back office complaints.

When choosing a product it is important to think about the benefits of the product and whether or not it is in high demand. Think about the economics of the product that you are selling and whether or not it will be profitable.

Network Marketing- Should I talk to Family and Friends?

Your network marketing company and home based business should make you feel good. Building your network marketing business can be tricky, as family and friends often times don’t make good business partners.

Often times it is best to simply let people know what you are doing and let them see the results of you and your team in an indirect way.

If you are utilizing social media simply post the results of others until you start producing your own results.

Check out my #1 Recommendation.

When you consider joining a network marketing opportunity it is important to think abou things from your customers point of view. Is there really a compelling reason for a person to buy this product of service? What are the price points of stating this business? Is it something that the average person will be able to access? Will your customers want more?

How to Generate More Leads Sales and Reps For Your Network Marketing Business?

The Four Types of Network Marketing Companies

All of the network marketing companies will fall into one of these below…

Tangible Products

These multilevel marketing companies sell physical products that range from skin care, weight loss supplements to juices.

The vast majority of mlm companies will fall into this category. I named some of the most popular ones below:

Sell Digital Products:

This is by far my favorite type of mlm company.  Some companies sell digital products like courses, tools and coaching.

These companies teach you the real skillset to reaching the top ranks in any other type of company. And if you check out the reviews of most companies you have to reach top ranks to earn a full-time income.

Information based products are amongst the most popular type of products on the internet. At the end of the day you will find that understanding the marketing side of network marketing is often the missing piece to reaching the upper 1% of a company.

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Sell Services

Some network marketing companies that sell services like legal, energy, road side assistance and medical care.

Here are some of the more popular and successful companies:

Travel Based MLM Companies

These travel based companies sell booking services when you can get paid commissions through sales on you company replicated site.

I have listed the most popular one below.

Hire An Accountant

As your business grows it is important to seek counsel from accountant. Understand what to do about taxes as this business will often require quarterly reports.

Train Your New Members

It is important to train your new members in your network marketing mlm business. Recruiting without helping will not help your team very much. Having a system designed to train people new to the business can not only act as another stream of income but also build a downline critical to your network marketing success.

You can test drive by far the best and most simple system I have ever come across here.

Throughout this site, you’ll find additional post, reviews and resources. Simply type what you want to know in the search bar. If you cannot find the company or product that you are looking for then leave a comment and I will investigate. My goal is to give you an inside look into network marketing training, understanding compensation plans, and much more…



When you join a network marketing opportunity you are making a small investment to become an independent distributor of a company’s product, service, or business opportunity. You have signed up to make commissions on the sales that you produce and those who you recruit who do the same.

Your ability to make money depends on your ability to sell things and teach your downline organization how to do the same thing. You earn commission based on the total amount of product that moves through your business.


There are a number of important benefits to network marketing

  • Low Cost To Get Started
  • The ability to work from home
  • Create your own hours
  • Potential to save on taxes
  • Endless income potential.

Network marketing is a popular business model because it allows a person to start a profitable business with a low startup cost. This mlm business model is simple and yet offers unlimited potential income.

The key to network marketing success to find a system that works and produce a result. This system should be used to show others how to produce the same result. At that point you will not only be compensated for the sales that you produce, but also from the efforts of those who you have taught.

This income is leveraged from the efforts of others.

One good way to answer the question: “What is network marketing?” would be to quote J. Paul Getty:

I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.


The top network marketing companies will have been around for five years or more. Most direct sales company do not make it past this 5 year point.

and many more… (use the search bar)

When you look at these top network marketing company it is important to understand that a vast majority of people who join a network marketing opportunity effort never make any money. There are a small percentage of independent business owners making hundreds, thousands, or millions every year.

So don’t let anyone sell you on an overnight success story. The truth is that you will have to set up and learn how to operate a real long term business for success.


In order to build a profitable network marketing company it is important to master the skills necessary to produce successful results. There is an art to effective sales, marketing and leadership.

If you truly want network marketing success find those who are having the success that you seek and simply model what you do after them. That’s right. All you have to do is the same thing that they did with the confidence that you will produce the same result.

You will have to build a network. And will have to learn the marketing skill necessary to create long term success. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort as an independent business owner you can have endless earning potential at your disposal.

So what is network marketing?

Network marketing is a proven business model, with low startup cost and endless earning potential.

PPS – Already in network marketing? Need more traffic, leads, sales and sign ups? Check out My #1 Recommendation.

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Warm Market List – MLM Recruiting Made Easy

Are you timid about approaching your warm market list?

If you seriously want to build a profitable network marketing business quickly… gotta just do it!

Approaching your warm market list is a proven method for getting started on the fast track in your network marketing business.

This is true for everyone even if you believe that you burnt out your warm market, or that you lack the credibility or social presence.



We all know about the warm market list that our sponsor told us to compile containing, friends, family, coworker, and business associates, and anyone who may know you in any way.

The truth this this is the list that most of us avoid for various reasons. My justifications for not approaching my warm market would go like this:

  • I’ve already approached these same people with my precious opportunity.
  • Most people that I know are already on my team.
  • I do not want to mess up the relationship that I have with this person by sharing this opportunity with them.

All of these reasons sound like viable reasons why one would not bother to make a warm market list.

However, if you feel strongly about the opportunity that you are offering then we must get past our ego and give the people who we care about the most the opportunity to make up their own minds about what we have to offer.

I remember the first time I called my entire warm market list. After exhausting the entire list I was able to get 5 personally enrolled distributors into my primary company. More important than any sign up was the experience I would gain. The experience gained by making the calls and handling various objections definitely helped me when I began to approach my cold market.

It was not until I actually made and called my warm market list that I realized why my sponsor wanted me to make the list in the first place. Calling your warm market list will do more for you and your business than additional sales. Effective communication over the phone takes time to develop. When you create your warm market list think about why what you have to offer would be a good fit for that person without falling into the temptation of prejudging. Think about the person and their current situation without being concerned about whether or not they would be open to what you have to offer.


Contacting your warm market list can be nerve racking. You may be wondering what you should say to that person, especially if you have not spoken to that person in a while.

What to say is simple…

“Hey, what’s your email address? I want to send you over a link to a short 30 minute video I want you to take a look at because I would really like your opinion. If I send that over now, how soon can you take a look at it? It’s important because I would really like your opinion.”

If the person that you are contacting ask you what the video is about you have two options. Simply tell the person that that is exactly what the video is for and ask “by when would you have looked at it.”

The reason why you don’t want to give too much information up front is simply to protect the prospect from counting themselves out before having the chance to fully understand the opportunity. When you mention a company’s name people will generally search that company name on google where they may find negative propaganda about that company.

If the person you are contacting presses you for more information prior to watching the video tell them that you were thinking about their specific situation (the reason why they may be interested) and that your thought the information would be valuable for them.

The point of the conversation is not to give information about the company, products or even explain that it is a business opportunity video. The point of this initial call is simply to get the person to watch the video. By approaching the call in this way you avoid having people count themselves out before fully understanding the opportunity.

Result? I called 121 people and personally sponsored five into a new program. More importantly, I got rid of the fear of getting on the phone.

network marketing company reviews


If you feel that the person would not recognize your voice then you can contact that person using Facebook Messanger, email, or text.

The process is the same. Have a quick introduction, link company presentation, and let the person know that you will follow up to get their opinion.

Result? 67 messages. 3 new team members.

Moral of the story?

Approaching your warm market will not only give your business boost in sales and personally enrolled reps, but the experience should improve your level of comfortability contacting people regardless of any fear that we may have developed over time. Taking action simply removes fear and the nagging thought of “what if”.

You do not have to prove, sway, or persuade anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. Just share your message about the opportunity. Use all tools at your disposal. Be sure to follow up and get their opinion on what they saw. Some will join you, some will not.

And If not, No big deal! Detach from the outcome. Be like the waiter who is offering coffee. Don’t worry if that person does not want coffee.

  • Connect with your [warm market list]
  • Guide them to a simple video presentation
  • Follow up to collect a decision

Best Regards,

Marc Antoine

PS – Discover how I was able to TRIPLE my sales using one simple technique anyone can apply in less than 30 minutes?

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Mastering MLM Online Marketing and Attraction Marketing

MLM online marketing has become a very attractive alternative to utilizing the traditional methods of network marketing like talking to family and friends. The mlm attraction marketing model specifically has recently been taking the internet and industry by storm. With such a powerful tool such as the internet the question remains, why is there such a low success rate in the network marketing industry.

MLM Online Marketing Gone Wrong

The truth is many of us are simply doing internet marketing the wrong way. Many of us (including me) gravitated to the internet as a result of a desire to expand our business beyond the traditional methods of direct sales. The problem is we sometimes take this a step further by completely knocking the traditional network marketing strategies when utilizing mlm attraction marketing.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”totalrecruitingmastery” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left”]

MLM Marketing Online Biggest Mistake

One of the most common and biggest mistakes that mlm attraction marketers make is making everything seem as if there is some magic pills that will grant individuals instant success on complete autopilot. These blog post and trainings tell people that they will be able to earn money in no time with minimal effort.

Online MLM Recruiting…And your message

There is an old saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”. If you are writing or creating content that claim that proven (old school) network marketing methods don’t work , you may be turning leaders away from your message.

When leaders see that you are creating false expectations or promoting a get rich quick mentality they simply do not reach out to you.

Balancing MLM Online Marketing and Traditional Methods

It is extremely important to your network marketing success to balance online and traditional methods for team building. As stated earlier, mlm online marketing is commonly sold as a simple push button alternative to traditional offline network marketing methods. When someone expects something to be easy, there is a much higher chance that that person will quit at the first sign of an obstacle.

This is the exact thing that kept me in a kind of entrepreneurial rat race. Essentially your team reaches a point where it seems like people are coming in and out of your organization at the same rate. Marketing in a way that is realistic and can help others to make an informed decision is definitely more effective.

Long Standing Online and Offline Teams  are Built on the Phone

There are some important things to remember if you are utilizing internet marking to build your network marketing or affiliate program.

    1. Be mindful of the type of people you wish to attract into your organization. If you want to attract leaders you must market to leaders. Utilize prospecting and closing tactics and get on the phone.
    2. Regardless of if you are contacting your warm market or cold market it is important to have posture when you are on the phone. This posture comes from not being addicted or attached to the outcome of the conversation.

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If you have joined a penny matrix program feel free to share your results here…


MLM Lead Generation Tactics and Tips

Are you searching the internet for simple MLM lead generation tips and secrets?

MLM lead generation is the life-blood of you business and is necessary for you network marketing success.
The key to taking your network marketing or home based business to the next level is developing a systematic way to generate highly targeted traffic and leads to your offer, product, or service.

mlm lead generation
Lead Abundance Leads to Abundance

So the question becomes “How to generate MLM leads?”

There are a number of ways to begin generating leads.

One popular method of online lead generation is simply to buy leads. I am not very fond of buying leads but here is what you need to know if you do decide to go that route.

There are four types of MLM leads available online for purchase and all are somewhat pricey.

  •  General business opportunity seeker leads – these leads are produced by mlm lead generation companies through classified ads, commercials, and other generic make money offers.
  • Registration Email Leads – These leads offer little value in terms of sponsoring and recruiting. This type of lead is generated when a prospect subscribes or opts in to multiple offers.
  • Company Specific Network Marketing Leads
  •  Genealogy Leads – these leads are probably the most valuable of all paid leads in mlm. These leads are proven buyers or people who have been in a network marketing company or those who are currently in a home based business. The one challenge with this type of lead is that the information is sometime out of date. In fact, a number of mlm lead generation company leads and genealogy list are less than 30% valid.


With that said the best types of leads will always be generated by you and your personal brand.


Leads of the greatest quality are the ones generated by you. The reason being because people generally buy from those who they know like and trust. When you are generating you own company or industry specific leads you will be able to sponsor and recruit more reps you’re your business.

One way is to use a proven system and platform that will provide you with all the necessary tool like MLSP.

Another way is to build your own optimized blog and generate leads with valuable content geared towards a specific niche (Blog hosting is included with MLSP)

Let’s think about it like this…

Chances are that you ran into this blog post because you are serious about growing you business and you are doing research on “MLM Lead Generation”.

You may have even burnt out you warm market and are simply looking for a way to generate fresh targeted leads.

What now?

You really only have two options.

You can buy leads and begin cold calling random people who know little or nothing about you or why you are calling and hope that you find prospects interested enough to take a look at your offer. This route does work but is very frustrating and time consuming as you will have to speak to high (understatement) volumes of people.


Your other, more effective option is to start building your own list through your personal brand. The key is to build a business not just a downline. Building a business requires learning the necessary skills to set up systems to generate your own targeted mlm leads. This is done using various funded proposals and proven mlm lead generation systems.
When this is done correctly you will have the blueprint for creating your own profit center at will.

In summary, by embracing a proven mlm lead generation system like MLSP, and become you own mlm lead generation company. This will allow you to plug your team into a duplicable system and create long term results.

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7 Tips to “Get More Leads” Online

7 Tips to “Get More Leads” Online

Leads are important to have in your business. They’re your customers and without your customers you don’t have a business. You just have an idea. In this article we are going to discuss how get more leads with online lead generation tips.

  1. Blog.

    Blogging is a perfect way to get your brand out there and to help other people. You can put any kind of offer you want on your blog. Also your blog is something that cannot be taken away from you. It’s your piece of online property.


  2. Do Not Spam.

    You just sent out your link to everybody you come in contact with or blast them all over your social medias. Makes you
    come off as desperate and selfish. Because not every time somebody’s going to need what you have to offer. It’s your job to figure out what their struggles are and offer a solution if you can.


  3. Raise Curiosity on Your Social Medias.

    Raise curiosity instead of resistance on your social media. Make post that raises people’s Curiosities on your social media. You don’t want people to know what company you are a part of until you talk to them 101.

    If someone asks you what company you are part of you don’t have to tell them everything right a way. You want to leave them with a bit of curiosity to run to find out more information.

    Here’s an example of how you create Curiosity on your post, ” Hey,I just tried this new recovery drink after my workout and my body feels so much better.”

    They’re going to be a bit more intrigued to find out what it is.


  4. Don’t Send Unsolicited Links.

    It’s a form of spamming and you don’t really get too much attraction from doing that. in other words if the person didn’t ask for it then don’t give it to them.


  5. Add Value

    You always want to do value-driven activities. People are going to be naturally attracted to that because you are coming from a place of service. A  place where a lot of your competition is not coming from.


  6. Be Consistent!Online Lead generation

    A great way to be consistent is keep a schedule. Write down the tasks that you need to do and schedule them in your day. If you don’t have a schedule then you don’t have any intentions on doing are you driven activities. Like posting on your blog or making a video review.

    I’m not saying that you have to write a novel every single day. What I am saying is that you must give a little content every single day.

    Remain consistent people are watching. Even if they don’t like or comment or engaging your post they are still watching just to see how long you’re going to keep it up.


  7. Have a Call to Action at The End.

A call to action will give your audience something to do after they get done reading your content. It’s important to join your offer into your call to action. Your offer needs to be something related to the content you gave out. Your offer needs to be the solution to their problem. Normally you’re caught an action will go something like this

” Hey, if you want more advanced training how to Brand yourself check out my free social recruit mastery training.”



Unfair Advantage with My Free Social Recruit Mastery!

Those are my 7 tips to get more leads online. If you have enjoyed reading this article make sure to comment and subscribe.


Also check out my Free Social Media Recruiting Mastery to internet market like a boss.



Top Network Marketing Books:

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How to “Follow Up With Prospects” For Follow Up Sales

Following up with your prospects is highly important. Follow-up is one of those tasks that is overlooked by many entrepreneurs. Have you ever heard the saying, “The Money Is In The List.” Well it’s a fact because study shows that it takes somebody 5 to 12 times of exposure to come to a buying decision. Why do you think the same commercials get played over and over.

The more exposure your audience has to your offer the more likely they will be either interested in it or want to buy. If you are not following up with your prospects you are leaving money on the table for your competition. With that being said I’m going to discuss three ways to effectively follow-up with your prospects.


  1. Follow up through email.“Follow Up With Prospects"

    Once you capture their email on your capture page they are put on your list. Your list is designed to install an
    autoresponder and begin to follow-up with your leads through email.

    You want to send  them emails with valuable content. That could be more training, video content, webinars, offers, or discount sells. It needs to be a link to something valuable that’s going to help your audience.

    How often should you email your list?

    I can’t really give you a set number but what I can say is you want to email your list about three to five times a week. It really depends on your audience and your targeted niche.You’ll just have to judge by testing out different ways.

    Email follow-up is strongly recommended!  Remember THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!



  2. Get on the phone with your leads.

    Many people dread getting on the phone with their leads. Many people don’t know follow-up sales call script or when to call their leads.

    Once you get on the phone and you start to have  an interaction you want to find what their struggles are and if you have any solutions to offer to them. One good thing to keep in mind is they are more than leads they are people. They are people who need to hear what it is that you have to offer.

    Phone calls are highly important!


  3. Interact with them through your content.

If you’re posting content and somebody comments or engages you want to interact with them. Which ever platform you use to post content, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Talk to them and get to know them. It’s another way to have an interaction with your audience. You want to let them know that you’re
there and that you are a real person doing business.

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7 “Facebook Marketing Tips” When You Don’t Have Any Money

7 “Facebook Marketing Tips” When You Don’t Have Any Money


Just started a business but don’t have money to advertise your opportunity? It’s frustrating yes I know I’ve been there before. In this post we show 7 Facebook marketing tips that you can apply in your business to get results and leads.

  1. Use Canva.Facebook Marketing Tips

    Canva is a website where you can go to design pictures and quotes. You want to be posting stunning pictures with quotes on your Facebook timeline. What it does in return is attract the kind of people who you want in your business.Be the person who inspires


  2. Engage with your Facebook Audience.

    Engage with your Facebook audience as they come in. Reminder. Network marketing and engaging with your audience go together. Engaging with your audience is how you build your network marketing.Get fans to your email list.

  3. Get fans to your email list.

    Once you start build again audience you’re going to want to capture the email addresses or numbers of your audience. An easy effective way of doing this is give a free offer or training.


  4. Ask questions that will boost your engagement.

    Remember the more authentic you are the more people are going to want to follow you. Ask questions that your audience will relate to. But remember if you’re going to ask Facebook Marketing Tipsquestions to your audience make sure that you already know the answer. That way you will give them a problem and a solution.By doing that your audience will know like in trust you even more!
  5. Inbox your audience!Your audience is anybody who likes comments or shares your post. The best way to let them know that you care it send them a message thanking them for their engagement.
  6. Have a call to action!

    You want to have a call to action to get your audience off Facebook and on to your product, services or free training.
  7. Be committed and consistent.

    Of all the tips that we have discussed Facebook marketing. The most important tip to get massive success on social media marketing is to be committed and consistent. Overnight success is a myth. So share a bit everyday.




Alright guys so these are my 7 tips on network marketing and social media marketing. Even if you don’t have any money to invest in advertising you can definitely use Facebook marketing as a way to build your audience and brand yourself.


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Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on FacebookConquer Your Fears

Marc Antoine

Text me, 404-576-8015 (Yes, I am a real person)

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