Top Secret Article Marketing Tips For Backlinks

Are you looking for up to date article marketing tips?

A successful article marketing strategy can help you to explode your online business bringing in new traffic, leads and sales. This strategy is quintessential for automating your lead generation and sales process.

I use an easy but proven content marketing strategy that so far has always produced a profitable results.

In this blog post, I will lay out the blueprint for earning a substantial income online using article and content marketing.


Before giving that blueprint there are some important updates to this marketing technique as well as some pitfall that you want to be sure to avoid.

In today’s online climate the purpose and use of article marketing has changes. It is important to realize that your articles will most likely not be read by too many humans. This is due to the fact that the majority of article directories like and no longer rank well on the search engines.

With that said there is still value in publishing an article to these authority sites. These sites can help content on your blog to rank by providing backlinks. This backlink back to your primary blog will give your post more authority and help your content to rank higher on the search engines. The higher your content ranks on these search engines the more traffic (visitors), leads and sales you will obtain.

Generating backlinks to help your content rank is one of the most powerful article marketing secrets.


Ok, time to give a ton of valuable information that you can implement immediately.

I will walk through an example where multiple effective article marketing strategies are used.

The blog post that you are currently reading is all about “article marketing tips”. Accordingly, this post has been optimized to rank for the keyword article marketing tips. You will find this keyword throughout this post. The key is to ensure that the targeted phrase is written within the first paragraph, last paragraph, and a couple of time throughout the text (sometimes bolded or italicized) This process will help to communicate to search engines exactly what you article is all about and will lead to higher ranking, more traffic, leads and sales.

Once your article is keyword optimized it is important to get the initial traffic to your post. This can be done by posting on social media, sending the blog post to your list, and article marketing through mass distribution.

Mass distribution?

article marketing tips

Once your original article is created you want to create similar articles on that subject and post them in article directory like e-zine articles for backlinks. This whole process can be time consuming unless you have a tool to automate the process. I simply use Spin Rewriter to rewrite unique articles within seconds and then I manually post them in article directories.

In the past it made sense to automate the article distribution process. However, with google updates like panda and a push on their part towards quality have made certain techniques not only ineffective but sometimes harmful.

These BACK LINKS are essential for helping your post to rank on the front page of the search engines.


One of the most challenging aspects of utilizing article distribution for backlinks is the need for more unique articles. Many article databases do not want any duplicate content, so simply copying and pasting content is not an option. Your content also has to be at least 600 words or valuable and coherent content to be deemed acceptable on these authority site.

The original article needs to be at least 600 words long and offer value to the reader.

For distribution you cannot simply copy and paste your original content. Search engines simply do not rank or index duplicate content.

As an alternative, simply subscribe to an affordable article writing service or automated writing software program like Spin Rewriter to get a distribution article.


Click here to get access to the exact blueprint that I used to rank content on the first page of google.

These time tested article marketing tips are proven to generate the traffic, leads, and sales necessary to explode your business.

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