Little Known Ways to Become a Life Guru

 Would you like the authority and confidence of a life guru? There are secrets that all gurus understand.

The truth is that humans have a few undeniable needs to fulfill. Hence, people are simply drawn to the person who fulfills these needs.

We follow, love, buy, listen to, and do crazy things for those who meet these hidden desires.

Become a Life CoachLife Guru

So, how do you become that person?

The degree in which you can fulfill human emotional needs will decide your success as a life or business guru.

Gurus understand how to elicit emotions to help others.

What are the needs? We discuss five of them below.

5 Undeniable Human Needs a Life Guru Fulfills

  • Human Need 1: We Seek Pleasure Over Pain

Gurus offer a remedy to a problem. It’s no secret that pain and pleasure control many decisions that humans make. In fact, humans put more emphasis on avoiding pain than gaining pleasure. Pain and lack is where most people’s minds are. It is your job as an entrepreneur to offer the relief, not the drug. Become a symptom solver.

This is the reason testimonials are so powerful. Testimonials prove that you can ease another’s pain

  • Human Need 2: People Want to Know Others Believe in their Abilities and Vision

Think about how you feel about people who have discouraged your dreams. Think about how you feel about people who laugh at you when you begin to redesign your life for the better.

The only way to avoid such criticism. Do nothing, say nothing and become nothing.Life Guru

Because there are so many critics, when you encourage the dreams of others you have a profound impact on that person’s life.

  • Human Need 3: People want to Know that They are Right

People need their feelings and concerns validated. Letting the other person feel they are right is key to building a rich relationship.When we validate feelings it helps others to gain confidence. People want to feel certain about their reality as it helps them to avoid pain.

  • Human Need 4:People Want You to Grab Their Attention

Enthusiasm captures others’ attention. People must be engaged in what they are doing to be effective. There is a great deal of distraction out there and people need a reason to listen to you. Gurus capture others’ attention by speaking to their wants and needs! Mental engagement is only present when you speak in their language. Everyone’s language is all about them. This is the reason names are so important. The reason why we look for ourselves first in a group picture.  Speak to their wants and focus on their needs, not your own. Your daily activity should have the interest of your audience in mind.

  • Human Need 5: Gurus Make Others Feel Loved

Everyone needs to feel loved. This is how we connect. Love elicits chemicals in our neural system that makes us feel more connected to others.

Business Guru Quotes

“In sales and customer relations, the quality of your relationships will decide the outcome of events when there is a problem or issue with price, delivery, quality, or service.”

— Jeffrey Gitomer

“The question you have to ask yourself is: how can I make people better as a result of connecting with me? Note well: This is not just a strategy to connect at a networking event, this is a strategy to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.” — Jeffrey Gitomer

“The human mind responds to stimuli through which it may be ‘keyed up’ to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc.” -Napoleon Hill
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