Generate Free Leads With Facebook Lives

How would it feel to be able to utilize the powerful and trending Facebook Live to explode your business and generate free leads even if you are new?

Be sure to sell a product and have a call to action on your webinar or Facebook live.  You have to give your prospect the option to go further with you or you will be leaving them stuck.

Be sure to promote your live or webinar.
By not promoting your webinar and content you’re robbing someone that’s waiting for you. People will relate to your story and you will inspire them to take action in their lives.

Generate Free Leads

5 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Live Streamsgenerate free leads

  • Start your Facebook Lives with and Introduction. Tell people your name, website, and let people know how you serve the world.
  • Be engaging. People want to be able to relate and interact with your lives.
  • Create a topic and an outline. Have general knowledge of the topic that you are going to speak about.
  • Have a call to action. Tell people what to do.
  • Challenge yourself to be consistent.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Below is a plan to promote your webinars using Facebook Lives.

Week 1:
Utilize the most up to date training on the topic of your choice. As you’re creating your Webinar and PowerPoint, break it down into 5 – 7 segments. If you are in My Lead System Pro, simply tap into the numerous system campaigns and utilize your training library.

Present these 5-7 segments during your 7 days leading up to your webinar with Facebook Live. Promote your Facebook Live events to your list.

The Call To Action from these Live events, is what you’re going use to drive traffic to your webinar and generate free leads. Be sure to integrate an autoresponder like Aweber to capture your leads.generate free leads

As you put out each Facebook Live consistently mention your webinar. This webinar is going to be pure value. Be sure to talk the problems that the products of your company or service offer. Be mindful that you are not selling your product of service you are really selling the next webinar. You’re building your audience and trust by being patient.

Weeks 2 and 3:
Similar to Week 1, your Facebook Live videos 5-7 days in a row will have your webinar as the call to action. Choose one of the products that your company provides and run your content and webinar around that information. Weeks 2 and 3 are good time to move your audience into buying mode. This is where you’ll offer your product or service, through the topic you’ve chosen. This may not be a hard sell. More of an offer. For example, If you are in MLSP, you could use the importance of Blogging, Capture Pages, Customer Relationship Manager, Webinars, Exchange of Value, etc…

Week 4:
You have generated free leads for the last 3 weeks to a targeted audience. Week 4 Facebook Lives should include, your lead generation part of your content. You’ll put on your webinar and at the end is where you’ll perform a complete back office overview to show your new, highly engaged audience what you and your system have to offer.

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