How to Become A Person of Influence and Leader Online

How would it feel to have an unlimited amount of free leads? What if you could teach your team a simple strategy to meet quality prospects and clients. What if you could also earn a commission when someone does not want to join you in the network marketing company or business opportunity?

How to Become A Person of Influence

Within the online marketing community, it is important to provide consistent value to the marketplace. Providing valuable content allows you to turn all people who aren’t interested in your opportunity to followers of your movement.become-a-person-of-influence

Valuable content allows you to say, “that’s fine if you’re not interested in my network marketing company. But here is a great training for you that can help you to build your business .”

Building a business is simple but it is not easy. It’s all about consistency. Your focus should be on branding yourself to attract an ideal prospect. Make sure your profile covers the exact kind of people who you want to attract to your business.

Become a Leader Online

Choose the top three leaders within your specific niche. What do their profiles look like? What problems do they solve for your target market? Think about your message and your point of view.

The more honest you are in your branding the more people will respect you. Share the story that makes you unique. People love stories that show that you can relate to what they are currently going through. Even if you have yet to overcome a given obstacle yourself people will respect and follow your efforts.

Imagine if you could present yourself as a credible authority by sharing your story.

person-of-influenceAre you being edgy?

The most effective post are going to be the ones where you share your biggest pet peeve in a positive way. For example, Share that message in a positive way, not in a negative way.

For example, if you want to talk about negative people you may say, “Not enough people in business understand the importance of proper use of time. We need to stop running our business like an annoying job and start moving towards a more professional and noble stance. Growing your business should become synonymous with growing yourself.”

This is effective because it relates to a pain point for your audience while driving home a motivational message to ease that pain.

Learn how to recruit leaders. When you recruit leaders it because you are.

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The Conversation

I don’t use scripts anymore. It is important to not have the mindset of always trying to get people into your business. If you have that mindset you will only attract people who want you to join their business.

With that said, there are six questions you may want to consider asking when speaking to new prospects. It is important to have a natural conversation and think about these questions conceptually rather than the exact words.

Closing questions

  • Question 1: What do you do for work? (Goal is to get them to ask you back)
  • Question 2: How long have you been doing that for?
  • Question 3 : Wow you must love it. Huh?
  • Question 4: Have you ever considered doing anything different?
  • Question 5: this may or may not be for you, but based on what you shared with me you may want to take a look at what I do, Especially since it wouldn’t interfere time-wise with your commitments, if you’re open I could send you some information if not no big deal.

Feel them out, if it’s not the right time you’ll know. Make sure you’ve properly identified a problem you can solve.

  • Question 6: Here is my number (—-) give me a call if you have questions, What’s yours so I know who’s calling me?

The key is to offer a helping hand and build rapport. Talk to people and build relationships sometimes you will be able to help others, other times they will be able to help you. Take your personal development seriously as it is the key to becoming an effective leader.

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