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Are you interested in earning substantial income with a Network Marketing Affiliate Program?

It is no secret that affiliate marketing is a profitable way to earn money online. The great thing about creating affiliate marketing website is that you get paid for your own individual efforts.


You may be familiar with the general internet marketing affiliate model. If you are a network marketer you may be less familiar with how you can utilize the power of a blog to leverage your current product or opportunity.

A MLM affiliate focuses on promoting network marketing affiliate programs that offer some type of monthly residual income per sale. They focus on promoting subscription based programs, autoresponder services, web site hosting, mlm leads and complete mlm affiliate programs like My Lead System Pro.

An MlM Affiliate program allows you to build a large niche authority site for the the mlm affiliate niche. The benefit of such a program is that if implemented effectively it will serve to create a consistently growing steady steam mlm affiliate residual income as for the majority of the product that you will promote have a subscription based (passive income) component to them.

This model allows you to start off each month with guaranteed cashflow coming off of previously made sales. You can truly make a resilient residual income that will grow continuously and avoid the entrepreneurial rat race. You will no longer have to start off each month hoping to make sales as you will begin receiving automated payments.

I actually prefer the affiliate marketing mlm model because you receive the exact same benefit of building a traditional network marketing business but without the laborious managing and maintenance necessary for creating a full-scale network marketing team.


According to the Direct Marketing Association, there are over 76 million people involved in the network marketing industry worldwide at any time with an estimated 140,000 new people JOINING the industry every week!

The “mlm affiliate” market is exceptionally profitable and constantly growing. People who are interested in marketing are ready-to-buy products and services that are necessary and will help them to build and expand their business. They a constantly comparing new products and searching for the best option

One of the most important components to building a profitable mlm affiliate marketing business is list building. List building is extremely important because the second sale from a satisfied customer is infinitely easier to make the initial sale.

This model allows you to build a list of targeted prospects and ideal customers. In addition, building a profitable affiliate website opens up the opportunity to create a personal brand that will establish you as an authority within the industry.

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Network Marketing Affiliate Program FALSE STARTS

Many who embark on the journey to start an online income have a period of time where they struggle to make money, wonder if what they are doing is working or not, and reach points of confusion as they embark on a new endeavor.

One of the best secrets for affiliate marketing is to embrace the idea of modeling what others who have the result that you want are doing.

Essentially, there is no reason to rebuild the wheel when there is a proven blueprint that simple works.

Discover exactly what the person is doing that has what you want and do that exact same thing.

After looking at the leaderboards for the top mlm affiliate earners I found some commonalities amongst all of them.

What I found was that instead of focusing solely on educational affiliate products like books and information top earners were promoting Tools to help others to build their business.

So I began to research the top mlm affiliate product lines. Looking specifically for a program that offered mlm leads, mlm lead generation systems, autoresponders, splash pages, hosting and various funded proposals.

#1 Network Marketing Affiliate Program

I am forever grateful that I ran across a network marketing affiliate program specifically geared towards struggling network marketers. This program offers the tools to help networkers with lead generation, increase sales and produce multiple streams of income, develop a personal brand that establishes you as an authority in your niche, and a proven platform to promote your primary network marketing opportunity.

I took a risk and signed up for My Lead System Pro. This was a proven system that has been around since 2008. I initially came in at the 10 day $10 trial level. This was one of the best decisions I have made. After following the step-by-step attraction marketing program I have so far been able to reach what the company calls “Level 2 Leadership” which mean significant residual income.

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In the past six months of focusing on this ONE mlm affiliate program I have been able to…

  • Add over 1,800 targeted contacts (emails and phone numbers) to my list
  • Made thousands in affiliate commissions
  • A significant increase in my monthly RESIDUAL CHECK
  • I have been able to meet and sign up new team leaders

In summary…

If you are interested in using affiliate marketing to create a significant residual income, consider becoming an mlm affiliate. As an MLM affiliate you will be able to tap into a huge market with a profitable income potential. All the products, tools and training you’ll be offering have a nice residual income component to it. In addition you will be building a list of business owners, salespeople and professionals. You will essentially be building out your own private network of targeted leads.

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