Little Known Blogging Secrets That Could Transform Your Business

The blogging secrets I share today will assist with advertising and marketing to your target market. These tips will help you generate more leads for your company no matter what niche, occupation or market you are in.

Do You Need a Blog For Your Business?online-leader

There are numerous means to develop a lucrative organization without a blog site.
In the network marketing career there numerous leading income earners without a blog site. However, I realized that many of them would certainly enjoy the leverage blog writing creates.

Many wish they actually produced a blog site that was not exclusively focused on their network marketing company. No one recognizes them outside of their network marketing business due to their company focused website and branding.

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Three Blogging Secrets Revealed

1. The number one reason to have a blog is to generate leads. As soon as a person land on your blog, your goal is to get them to become a lead.

You do this by through an attractive giveaway called a lead magnet. The content that I share is focused on small business owners and network marketing professionals. I recognize my target audience has a hard time with making use of social media to expand their business. Therefore, my lead magnet is designed to solve this problem. I produced a 3-day boot camp/video series that helps entrepreneurs utilize Facebook to develop their organization.

Regardless of your audience, consider something that you could give your target market– a sound, video clip or pdf that would solve one of their problems.

Maybe notes from a training you went to could provide content for a 10 — 20 min video clip revealing them ways to fix a washing machine. Whatever it is, you need to have a means to transform the web traffic that visits your blog into a lead.


2. One more vital blog writing key is to make sure that you have your call to action embedded throughout your web content.
In my PS line, I share exactly how people can contact me, how they can work with me, and so on.

3. My last blog writing suggestion and technique has to do with obtaining web traffic to your blog site. Simply put, the fewer the number of people that see your content, the less leads you can expect.

The best ways to obtain more website traffic are e-mailing your listing daily as well as syndicating your web content throughout all social media networks.
Web traffic and also leads will not take place overnight. It may take a couple of months prior to seeing the fruits of your labor.

If you are consistent and persistent you will see results.

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7 Little Known Reasons to Brand Yourself Revealed

Have you ever wondered whether you should brand yourself online? In any network marketing company, it is important to brand yourself and not your MLM affiliate program.

Why Brand Yourself?

Maybe you want to live the life of your dreams. You may want to have the freedom to spend time with your family.

What keeps you up at night? Why?

What you do in your life is about you and how you feel about the world you want to make a difference in.

It is common to join a company that will immediately tell you to post about the network marketing opportunity or product on your Facebook profile. However, if we are honest that kind of post does not get as much traction as posting a picture of what you are having for lunch or even a Selfie at the beach? It may gain some traction if you already have a following, but for the average person, it will lead to few likes and inevitable frustration.

7 Reasons To Brand Yourself Today:

  1. Your network marketing company is not your company or brand! You may love the products, compensation plan, and your upline. But, the truth is that you don’t own that company. Blasting your company logo on your Facebook page will not help you to brand yourself.
  2. Your network marketing company does not pay for advertising. Instead, they have an affiliate program or distributor program in place to help people get the word out for them. Most likely your network marketing company is not a marketing training company. Furthermore, they are most likely not going to teach you the real effective marketing skill-set. Most network marketing companies teach you old school tactics.
  • Making a list of 100 people
  • Contacting your friends and family
  • Blitzing at the mall
  • Talking to strangers
  • Hosting Home Parties

network marketing company reviews

I am not knocking these techniques because they will help you to become a better networker. However, these techniques will do little for your business in terms of effective marketing!

  1. Marketing vs Spamming. The two components to effective marketing are active prospecting and passive marketing. Active prospecting addresses meeting new people who fit into your target market. In addition, the lesser known method of passive marketing is completely separates leaders and spammers. Blasting your company’s pictures and information is spamming and ineffective. Don’t worry, I am a retired spammer myself. However, passive marketing includes creating valuable content in the form of videos, blog post, lifestyle pictures on Facebook with the goal of attracting ideal clients and branding yourself. active prospecting and passive marketing are
  1. Your personal brand represents you, your reputation, specialization, and ability. Realistically, your brand should be in line with your burning desire. Your brand is a feeling that your prospects will get before they even see you.
  2. Branding yourself will attract prospects that are qualified, motivated to work with you and are familiar with your message and what you do. Furthermore, your brand will become synonymous with solving a problem.
  3. Perception is everything! People must perceive you as the caring expert in your niche. In addition, always go out and make the best first impression that you can.
  4. While your sleeping your brand is working for you. People will be thinking about their problems as they sleep. Your job is to solve that problem when they wake up.


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