How to Increase Profits Using “MLM Event” Notes

How to Increase Profits Using “MLM Event” Notes

Did you know that the notes you take at these different MLM events or seminars are un-cashed checks?

Yes, it is true!! If you are investing in yourself with different training and information you can turn this into profit. Start implementing into your business those notes from the mlm masterminds you attend. 

"MLM Event"

The acronym that best fits this is I.L.T. (Invest learn and teach.)

If you are investing your hard earned money to attend network marketing conventions and MLM trainings, then you better be learning and teaching your audience. It’s only right.

To get the most out of the network marketing conventions and MLM mastermind. Here are the steps that you need to take.

Step 1. Apply the notes.

Did you know that 80% of people who go to these different MLM masterminds, webinars, seminars, and network marketing conventions don’t even apply the notes that they take?

It’s about 20% of people who apply the notes and about 10% of people who actually share the notes with their audience. About 2% of people stay consistent and committed to increasing the profit by sharing their MLM notes. So if you are reading this make sure that you are the 2% that stay consistent.

Step 2. Create content.

To ways to create content is through video marketing or blog posting.

– Video marketing.
I can’t stress to you how much of an influence you will have once you begin to video content. YouTube is the best way to broadcast your notes. There are a few benefits that come with creating videos content.

• Helps you stand out from the rest of your competition.

• You seem more transparent.

• Helps build your community.

• You become an Authority figure (a.k.a the go to person!).

-Blog post.

There are two things that you own on the internet. That is your blog and your list. Your blog is a great way to get already targeted leads onto your list. Your blog is where you can speak to your audience and share your ability!





Reminder!!!! to see MASSIVE results in your business use the MLM notes that will not only increase your profits but set you as an Authority Figure.

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