MLM Lead Generation Tactics and Tips

Are you searching the internet for simple MLM lead generation tips and secrets?

MLM lead generation is the life-blood of you business and is necessary for you network marketing success.
The key to taking your network marketing or home based business to the next level is developing a systematic way to generate highly targeted traffic and leads to your offer, product, or service.

mlm lead generation
Lead Abundance Leads to Abundance

So the question becomes “How to generate MLM leads?”

There are a number of ways to begin generating leads.

One popular method of online lead generation is simply to buy leads. I am not very fond of buying leads but here is what you need to know if you do decide to go that route.

There are four types of MLM leads available online for purchase and all are somewhat pricey.

  •  General business opportunity seeker leads – these leads are produced by mlm lead generation companies through classified ads, commercials, and other generic make money offers.
  • Registration Email Leads – These leads offer little value in terms of sponsoring and recruiting. This type of lead is generated when a prospect subscribes or opts in to multiple offers.
  • Company Specific Network Marketing Leads
  •  Genealogy Leads – these leads are probably the most valuable of all paid leads in mlm. These leads are proven buyers or people who have been in a network marketing company or those who are currently in a home based business. The one challenge with this type of lead is that the information is sometime out of date. In fact, a number of mlm lead generation company leads and genealogy list are less than 30% valid.


With that said the best types of leads will always be generated by you and your personal brand.


Leads of the greatest quality are the ones generated by you. The reason being because people generally buy from those who they know like and trust. When you are generating you own company or industry specific leads you will be able to sponsor and recruit more reps you’re your business.

One way is to use a proven system and platform that will provide you with all the necessary tool like MLSP.

Another way is to build your own optimized blog and generate leads with valuable content geared towards a specific niche (Blog hosting is included with MLSP)

Let’s think about it like this…

Chances are that you ran into this blog post because you are serious about growing you business and you are doing research on “MLM Lead Generation”.

You may have even burnt out you warm market and are simply looking for a way to generate fresh targeted leads.

What now?

You really only have two options.

You can buy leads and begin cold calling random people who know little or nothing about you or why you are calling and hope that you find prospects interested enough to take a look at your offer. This route does work but is very frustrating and time consuming as you will have to speak to high (understatement) volumes of people.


Your other, more effective option is to start building your own list through your personal brand. The key is to build a business not just a downline. Building a business requires learning the necessary skills to set up systems to generate your own targeted mlm leads. This is done using various funded proposals and proven mlm lead generation systems.
When this is done correctly you will have the blueprint for creating your own profit center at will.

In summary, by embracing a proven mlm lead generation system like MLSP, and become you own mlm lead generation company. This will allow you to plug your team into a duplicable system and create long term results.

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