7 “Facebook Marketing Tips” When You Don’t Have Any Money

7 “Facebook Marketing Tips” When You Don’t Have Any Money


Just started a business but don’t have money to advertise your opportunity? It’s frustrating yes I know I’ve been there before. In this post we show 7 Facebook marketing tips that you can apply in your business to get results and leads.

  1. Use Canva.Facebook Marketing Tips

    Canva is a website where you can go to design pictures and quotes. You want to be posting stunning pictures with quotes on your Facebook timeline. What it does in return is attract the kind of people who you want in your business.Be the person who inspires


  2. Engage with your Facebook Audience.

    Engage with your Facebook audience as they come in. Reminder. Network marketing and engaging with your audience go together. Engaging with your audience is how you build your network marketing.Get fans to your email list.

  3. Get fans to your email list.

    Once you start build again audience you’re going to want to capture the email addresses or numbers of your audience. An easy effective way of doing this is give a free offer or training.


  4. Ask questions that will boost your engagement.

    Remember the more authentic you are the more people are going to want to follow you. Ask questions that your audience will relate to. But remember if you’re going to ask Facebook Marketing Tipsquestions to your audience make sure that you already know the answer. That way you will give them a problem and a solution.By doing that your audience will know like in trust you even more!
  5. Inbox your audience!Your audience is anybody who likes comments or shares your post. The best way to let them know that you care it send them a message thanking them for their engagement.
  6. Have a call to action!

    You want to have a call to action to get your audience off Facebook and on to your product, services or free training.
  7. Be committed and consistent.

    Of all the tips that we have discussed Facebook marketing. The most important tip to get massive success on social media marketing is to be committed and consistent. Overnight success is a myth. So share a bit everyday.




Alright guys so these are my 7 tips on network marketing and social media marketing. Even if you don’t have any money to invest in advertising you can definitely use Facebook marketing as a way to build your audience and brand yourself.


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